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    I'm considering getting the Treo to replace my Palm i705. But I have a few questions:

    1) My provider doesn't offer data coverage outside the U.S., just voice. Are any type of Sim cards available in Europe that will allow me to use the Treo for data--such as retreiving email and surfing the net?

    2) Is the travel charger dual voltage--meaning if I take it overseas, will I need a power converter?

    3) What are the best programs for listening to mp3's on the Treo and then removing songs from the card?

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    1) I'm pretty sure you can buy prepaid sim cards overseas with gprs enabled. You might have to do some more research for the particular country you want to travel to...

    2) You'll need to purchase something like the Treo travel kit:

    However, search ebay for much better deals!

    3) Pocket Tunes is the best. You can listen to your mp3's or even stream your favorite shoutcast radio stations!!
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