I learned regarding my Treo (T-Mobile) that when I have outbound caller id blocked the device demands a password to listen to voicemail. I could not figure out what my password was or how to find it, so I called customer service at T-Mobile and got an answer.

I add, since March 2004 I have called them a few times and it has always been helpful.

She told me the password was the last four digits of my cell phone number. It did not work when I dialed the last four digits and so she said she would reset it to the same number and that it might take a couple of hours to take effect.

Then she read on her database that if outbound caller id is blocked, the password is required. I unblocked and was able to check my missed calls (from the seminar I was in Friday and where my buddy commented about Treeo and Trayo).

As I was composing this I dialed "123" to retreive voice messages and it played them even though outbound caller id is blocked! Go figure.

I add, prior to having that problem on Sept. 17 my device did play voice messages even though outbound caller id was toggled to be blocked.

The only thing I can figure out is that maybe my soft reset of today caused the device to return to the mode it has usually been in since March.

I tried to check my message again on the device and it played them without a password even though outbound caller id is toggled to be blocked.

The lesson for me with this episode was that if a password is demanded, first untoggle the outbound caller id block, and then dial the "123." But right now my device does not require that, I think because of my soft reset of a few days ago.

Robert in Austin, Texas