Hello All,
I resently started having problem with the screen on my IBM Thinkpad T23 and was looking at the IBM website. There was a link that said let us call you, or something to that effect. So I entered in my name and number and within five mins i got a call from IBM helpdesk. They pointed me to the correct department and in less then five mins a box was being Fedexed to me overnight, and that i would have my laptop back in 3 days.

I called up P1 last week b.c the car charger I bought was not working any more. The call took 20 mins and the turnaround time would be 2 weeks according to the rep I talked to.

Granted a car charger is not high priority, but I was not disgruntled when I got off the phone with IBM, i was satisfied and happy to hear that my beloved lappy would be fixed.

This is why IBM will be around forever and P1 will flounder between being a good corparation and a great corparation.