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    Is it possible for my office to send me an e-mail that I can receive on my Treo as a text message?
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    yes, Who is your carrier?

    if it is t-mobile i know the address would be

    or you can find out your email by sending a SMS to your personal email account and look at the address in the From field.

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    Here are all the domains for US text messaging. With some carriers (I think CDMA carriers but not positive) your message will get cut off after 160 characters. With other carriers you will keep getting text messages of 160 characters each until you receive your entire email.

    Text Messaging
    *Universal US:



    *Cellular One:

    *Cellular One [Amarillo, TX customers]:





    *Qwest Wireless:

    *Sprint PCS:



    *Telus Mobility:

    *Verizon Wireless:

    *Virgin Mobile:
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    Add this one to the list: for some Cellular One customers.
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    Yup, I get sms sent to my phone from email all the time!
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