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    Based on comments on treocentral I bought replacement coverage on two Treo 300s. I usually do not buy replacment coverage, but knowing the design flaw in the t 300 hinge, I did.

    Within a week the two T300s, one used by me and one used by my son had the hinge break after about 9 months of use. BEST BUYS REFUSED TO HONOR THE REPLACMENT COVERAGE. Sprint replaced the units even though they had been bought at Best Buys.

    Now a replacement t 600 hinge broke. Same response.BEST BUYS REFUSED TO REPLACE OR AS THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE GIVEN THE UPGRADE TO T 600. Sprint came through again and replaced the unit.

    The consumer advisors advise against the warantee contracts saying that they just make profit for the sellers. From my experience on two occasions with BEst Buys in two states they took the money but did not provide the services.

    I will think long and hard about buying extended warranties again. Do so at the great risk, apparently, of wasting your money.
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    Can you give us mre information about WHY Best Buy refused to honor the agreement?

    I've had great experience with replacement contracts with Best Buy, not so great with Micro Center. In general, replacement contracts are not worthwhile, but it does depend on the product, how you use it and the environment it will be in. Most of these contracts also do not cover when products have been abused (read: dropped, etc.) Some of the insurance coverage that phone carriers offer do cover accidental damage.

    Is it worth buying a replacement contract on a $50 mp3 player? Probably not.

    We have dogs and the hair is rough on vacuums. I just replaced a vacuum a couple months ago no questions asked at Best Buy.

    On fragile products like a Treo, certain digital cameras, etc. a replacement contract can be a great deal. I paid for a good chunck of a top of the line digital camera using a check from a Micro Center replacement. But the terms of the agreement were not publicized until I had a problem, I felt I should have received more cash from them when they finally agreed to replace the camera, give me store credit or a check, and I had to yell a lot after the old camera still did not work after three attempted repairs.
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    I've been noticing more and more that with electronics, the extended warrenties/additional coverage/etc. are meaningless. Which is a real shame. . .
    "The danger from computers is not that they will eventually get as smart as men, but that we will agree to meet them halfway." -Bernard Avishai
    "Computers are a lot like air conditioners - they both work great until you open windows." -Anonymous

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    Best Buy (and others) do not replace/service units that have been physically damaged whether intentional or not. Just read your replacement plan as it will spell that out in detail. If you want coverage for physical damage you need to buy the insurance from your carrier; I have it on my T600 through T-Mobile and consider it to be money well spent.
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    never EVER buy anything at Best Buy

    all of my clients get the same advice - its more fun to sit on your roof and make paper airplanes out of dollar bills and toss them off, at least you get some enjoyment out of it.

    BB employees *must* (as in "required") hit you up a minimum of three times to sell the warantee/insurance/whatever plan. they have plain-clothes operatives test their employees to back up their policy.

    those plans are nothing more than free money for that company.

    and I have yet to meet someone who has seen BB honor their service plan or warantee.

    that big yellow sign is God's way of saying "stay away"
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    uhh megaphone, while we haven't met maybe you should read my previous post. While I would agree it's not worth buying one of these plans for many purchases, it can be very worthwhile sometimes as in the case with the vacuum I wrote about. And I don't care if they ask me 10 times if I want the extended warranty. Of course the money is great for them, but they're not forcing you to buy the plan.

    A blanket policy of not buying one is just as unwise as always buying them. You need to look at what the product is, its cost, the cost of the plan, how likely the product is to die or have problems, and above all you need to be familar with the details. These plans to not cover damage. They simply extend the warranty another 1-4 years.
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    They don't cover physical damage, so I'm not suprised they disclaimed the replacement. You could probably get them to honor it, by showing that the hinge was a product defect and not a result of abuse. But it's going to take a huge effort on your part to find someone at BB who cares AND is in a position to help.

    That's one of the reasons I make most of my major purchases at Circuit City instead. CC just seems to have a much better ability to help after the sale. That's not to say they don't infuriate me at times, but after going through a TiVo replacement hell at at Best Buy and a similar problem with CC. I learned that CC was a much smoother experiance. And if you have CC's extended warranty, they will replace just about anything under warranty.
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    They just RECENTLY changed their policy - about a month ago. It used to be bring in a broken or non working device - they'll replace it if they have it in stock. If they don't, or it's an old model (take 300 for instance) - they replace it with the next higher up device for just the difference in $$$ from what you paid. meaning, lets say you got the 300 for $350, they dont have any 300s in stock, they'll give you a 600 for $200.
    However, BB just changed this about a month ago - meaning all the PREVIOUS warranties ppl bought changed as well - what they will do now is give you (excuse me, what they are SUPPOSE to do) a box and shipping instructions and you send it to either A.) their main warehouse for inspection and repair or B.) Sprint/PalmOne who will replace/repair it.
    stinks! i know!
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    now with cellphones and pda smartphones they have a new policy, i really dont get it, they say now you have to go thru 888-best buy
    you know up until now i was a best buy fan, i can not believe they are giving me a run around on the treo 600, there is a bad buzzin noise i can deal with and those techies wont believe me........
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    hey, the info I pass on came from a former BB employee who witnessed cameras come back, they put them on a shelf for three days, then handed them back.

    they're support is non-existent.

    i stay away from bb
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    i bought the extended warranty for my Ipaq 2210. They told me I could bring back the Ipaq within 3-4 yrs (i forgot) and got a replacement or upgrade if I want to. my impression ws it was kind of a trade-in. but since everyone says BB sucks and they changed their policy, and gosh, for whatever the $$ i spent on that extended warranty, it becomes worthless.

    DAMN!!! I just remember I bought the iPod from BB and got the extended warranty bc of the battery.

    NOW, if my battery goes bad, can I ask BB to exchange an iPOD battery as they "told me so" when they sold me the warranty... *&&$&%
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    Quote Originally Posted by megaphone
    hey, the info I pass on came from a former BB employee
    Important part underlined.
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    Quote Originally Posted by superfire
    NOW, if my battery goes bad, can I ask BB to exchange an iPOD battery as they "told me so" when they sold me the warranty... *&&$&%
    iPods don't have replaceable batteries; at least not user-replaceable. Perhaps it could be replaced at a service center.

    What does your warranty paperwork say? I would think that would be a more appropriate place to look instead of asking for opinions.
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    ipod batteries are user-replaceable
    !google ipod battery
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    I just took an i-Pod back to BB after the battery wouldn't hold more than 6 hours charge. It was a 30 gig model. BB sent it to their service center to "test" it and came back with the opinion that it was meeting Apple specs for a one year old device. I took them to the Apple web site where Apple states that a year old device should be able to hold at least 80% of its charge (about 9.6 hours). BB says that they found the i-Pod able to run 8 hours, but this was with factory settings reset, and everything taken off the device. I told them that this was unrealistic, and asked the product area manager if this was what he would expect from Best Buy with a 4 year warranty. Bottom line: the store manager told them to allow me to trade the year old 30 gig machine in on a new 40 gig machine.

    The warranty sez: if the device is within the manufacturer's warranty period (1 year for the i-Pod), then they will fix it 3 times and replace it with like product the fourth time. After the manufacturer's warranty period is over, they will continue to repair the device, but will only replace it once; after that the warranty is void.

    I had to buy a new 4 year warranty for the relacement i-Pod, but the $40 I spent on the first one was worth it given that Apple replaces batteries for $99, and this failed right after the Apple warranty expired. Would I do this for a $100 device? Probably not. But for a device like the Treo or the i-Pod that costs around $400, yes.

    My experience with these warranties is that if they don't honor them at first, make a nuisance of yourself, primarily by asking the service people (and their supervisors, and the store manager) if this is the treatment they would expect from a big chain. Usually there is someone in the management food chain willing to exchange or fix something.

    I would read the warranty before buying it. Granted, it is mostly a case of "the large print giveth, the small print taketh away" in a lot of cases. But the BB warranty did come through for me in this case. I just had to persevere.

    Yikes...sorry for the soapbox diatribe...

    I'm better now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ProDucer
    ipod batteries are user-replaceable
    !google ipod battery
    Thanks for correcting me.
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    afr is definitely right.

    As long as you have not abused the product or caused any physical damage by dropping it, etc., make a nuissance of your self and they will eventually back down. MicroCenter finally did that, but I had to take my case to the store manager after two botched repairs on a $1,000 digital camera.

    You can't just start yelling, but I found with pressure they would honor the warranty even when they didn't want to.

    On the other hand, I have only had positive experiences with extended warranties from Best Buy.
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    here's the important part:

    BB won't do what it takes to ensure their customer is satisfied, sprint will.

    THAT'S the important part.

    this whole drama simply confirms what I've witnessed time and time again and has never yet been contradicted except here (in fantasy land) on a forum board (where - amazingly - you can find someone who will post an exception to everything anyone ever says).

    hopefully several other people who aren't posting will read this this thread and others and get the general gist that, as the thread title says, BB = bad, sprint = good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by megaphone
    here's the important part:

    BB won't do what it takes to ensure their customer is satisfied, sprint will.

    THAT'S the important part.
    So to follow your logic...

    1. I sell you a phone and tell you that if it's physically broken you can't return it to me.

    2. You break something on the phone (whether it is intentional or accidental) and I refuse to take it back.

    3. You're not satisfied.

    Too bad... so sad.
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    hey - you sign the contract, you're on the hook. too bad, so sad.

    *my* point is - don't do business w/ bb -- there are better options out there. UNDERSTAND where bb stands. they're not there to do you any favors or bend over backwards for you. if you agree to that and you understand that, fine.

    that's all I'm saying.

    I don't advise ppl to shop there - I DISadvise it.

    but if you understand the risks, hey - go for it. have the time of your life...
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