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    First a bit of background - I've been using PDA's in one form or another for the past 7 years (all-japanese Zaurus, including kanji - Casio E-11, Psion Revo, Palm Pilots of various flavors and even an iPaq...). However, all of them sucked in one respect - no telephone. Meaning having to carry more stuff... Which lead me to the phone-path. Which sucked in the doing-work-department...

    Of the above list, one still kicks - the Revo! Keyboard, very nice software and so on. The ones that I still loathe are the MS-based ones (the E-11 met it's demise on my kitchen wall, after dumping it's battery and consequently the memory one time to many!) - I even tried to reconsile the iPaq by installing a Linux on it. To no avail.

    After all this ordeal I reverted to a pencil-and-paper calendar. Let me tell you, Filofax rocks... However - I do most of my work in the office, but most of my thinking at home or on transportation. And IBM *never* made a light notebook. Further - the Filofax is notoriously bad at synching the pages written...

    Enter! the PDA that did more. I got to think about my old Revo, that managed to function as a seriously flawed (no backlight, no extention port, no nothing except the *very* nice keyboard, and MS Office-compatible apps) sub-sub-laptop. So - I started to wonder - the Revo was long since dead, the Nokia 9-series is a brick, the SonyEricsson 8/900-series hasn't impressed that much as a business tool (too much focus on games, video cameras and whatnots...). What else is available out there? Lo and behold, I find the Treo 600!!

    So, after having looked the thing over and found the usual gadgets that I most likely will never use, I come to the watershed - is the keyboard useful or not? And I don't mean useful in the sense - 'can it type an SMS'? I'm looking for more or less complete laptop replacement wiz word processing, i.e. can I manage without my laptop on travels where a laptop is non-essential? I get my salary for thinking and have to be able to put down not only jots, but full structures when the inspiration appears. This I want to be able to do without having to start up an encrypted laptop (5 minutes or so...) just to reach WordPad... In that light the keyboard on the t600 looks tasty indeed!

    An old-fashioned notebook is of course irreplaceable for this assignment, but that would mean carrying an additional (and heavy) thingy. Which is not acceptable. So - can the keyboard on the t600 be used for something else than doing SMS's or e-mails (something that T9 does fully well...)?

    To recap - I want a "smartphone" that is actually smart, meaning that it can function as a true business tool, not only as a gadget to impress people at meetings with. Something that integrates a phone with the possibility to *work* while out of the office, without getting a hernia...

    Is the Treo600 it?

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    I would say yes the built in keyboard will function great for emails and sms's and even for documents, depending on how well you can use your thumbs, but for doing some serious work as you described the Treo portable keyboard is fantastic as is the palmOne IR portable keyboard, both fold up into your pocket.


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