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    Newer Treo owner here. Still learning the nuances of the phones capabilities.
    I have followed most of the threads and have downloaded a bunch of files, besides the ones i've had all the way back since my palm pilot 3.

    After installing mapopolis, psp, isolo, avantgo, callfilter, pdanet, ptunes, etc. and the variety of tiny game apps, i only have about 7megs of on board ram left of the 21mb available.

    My question is what do most people keep on the treo? I know some people who are using itrek/mapopolis have downloaded maps onto the treo's main memory. I couldn't do that if i wanted to with so little memory left. Yet, it seems there are some who have multiple maps on their treo and not on the sd card. i'm curious what others do or how they manage the apps and memory situation.

    thanks, stevo
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    I use ZLaincher to put some programs onto the SD Card. This keeps me at around 12 MB free. Not everything works well this way, so it was trial and error for me. Anytime it didn't work out, I turned back the clock with Backupman. Made it like it never happened.

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    Agree with Hubba - I have a bunch of stuff installed, but I still have 15 MB free thanks to ZLauncher.
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    I run between 8 to 9mb available in main memory. I used for a short period ZLauncher and liked the ability to move things from main to secondary, et cetera. However, there is a noticable time delay with bunches of applications. I use HanDBase throughout the day and the database I use interacts with bunches of "child" databases. If any of those child databases that are displayed by the main database resides on the SD card, then performance slows way, way down. Opening and closing (saving) to the card takes time. Those that are independent of other databases load fairly well. You will notice the larger programs load and close slower.

    In the case of the ebooks, having to reenter registration information multiple times and loosing bookmarks made me see the light and resulted in the dumping of ZLauncer and a couple of others I tried.

    I currently use CoLauncher - it works only with files in main memory and does not move things back and forth.


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