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    I am currently a Verizon customer but want to switch to Cingular and get the new Treo. However, I have two concerns:

    1) I am worried about Cingular coverage
    2) I would like a small phone (like my v60) to use at night.

    I am thinking of getting the Cingular prepaid Sony T237 for $80 from Cingular's website. Using the prepaid service, I can checkout Cingular's coverage in my travel areas (northern NY) before I sign a contract and switch my number. Also, if I do switch and get the Treo from Cingular, I can swap the SIM card between the Treo and Sony. Is this possible to sewap the SIM between the 2 phones? Is this legal? Will the prepaid let me check the coverage?

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    The answer to all three of your questions is yes. You can do exactly what you're thinking about doing without any issues.

    Also, please try to post in the appropriate forum next time.
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    also, why don't you get an "appropriate" sig?
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    Excuse me, are you speaking about my signature?

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