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    I am currently demoing Act! 7 the latest version. It says it can sync to a Palm, but any changes on the Palm will not sync back to Act! (what ***** thought of that?). Will Intellisync work around this "feature"?

    I have demo's Goldmine Act MS Business Contact Manager and looked at many other "solutions" of this nature and it amazes me that these products for the most part pretty much ignore handhelds. What up with that?

    Also Goldmine ONLY does POP3 email. Doesnt do IMAP. What a joke.
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    I use Act for Palm to sync back with Act 6 on my desktop at work and I'm quite happy. Download the trial to test on your system...

    If you do decide to go with Act for Palm don't forget to download the patch for Treo to allow you to dial directly from Act.
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    Best Software (Makers of ACT 7.0) will have a fully functional, 2-way synching product available by Jan '05. This will be the new ACT for Palm that works with ACT 2005.

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