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    Hi pals Ive having a trouble with my Treo 600.
    It uses to work fine but since a few days, presssing the central button of the five way navigator doesnt turn of the keyguard; then sometimes even after a soft resset not any buttons seems to work and the phone seems to be freezed.
    Any idea or way to return my Treo to a normal functioning?
    I appreciate any help.
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    I am also having this problem, which began only a few days ago. After a reset all buttons work, but once the screen turns off via keyguard or auto off, the treo will not respond to navigator or keyboard buttons. Reset puts it all back.

    any ideas?
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    Interesting. I've had the same problem twice now. T-mobile has exchanged the phone twice. I keep asking them if there is a fix I can do, or if its a virus or caused by some third party software perhaps, but all they offer to do is replace it. Each time it locks the only solution is a soft reset. That clears the problem up until the next time the phone goes to standy mode and the keyguard auto activates. I'm happy they are standing behind it BUT my warranty will be running out soon and I'm afraid that once the warranty is out, if this keeps happening, I'm in for some very expensive problems. Let's keep each othem in the loop on this message board.

    I do have another suggestion. I'm going to list the few third party/add-on softwares I use below. If you are having the same problem and have the same software installed maybe we can figure this out.

    Buzz Me
    Docubments To go.
    Loan Pro

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