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    I'm in a bit of a spot and am trying to solve it without involving useless phone operators! I've bought a Treo 600 through a company corporate account with unlimited data service! Sounds great? Well imagine my surpirse when I got it and there is NO phone service AT ALL! I can't call anyone and no one can call me!! OK, AT&T doesn't knwo how to add the voice service on to a data only account and I am having less than stellar success with the vendor that has our corporate account. I already have a AT&T phone with a SIM. Can I just swap out the STUPID no phone SIM for my already working plan? Of course I will loose the unlimited data service, but so what! At least I can make a call!!



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    Absolutely... you can insert any SIM card on your treo600 as long as it's unlock... did you both got those phone from AT&T? if yes, you don't have a problem. If no, you might want to try it out and check some postings on how to unlock your treo to accept other service providers SIM card.

    good luck...
    TREO 600 ROCKS !!!! I gave up my Zaurus sl-5500 and my Motorola v60i for it.

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    Hey it worked! I bought both phone through AT&T and I took the one SIM our and put it in the Treo and now I have voice!! Now to make sure I'm keeping track of my download bytes!!

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    6 months ago I moved the sim card from my personal Nokia 6200 to an office provided Treo (both ATT). It worked immediately. I called ATT and told them that I had switched to a data device and they let me have their unlimited data plan. It's $49.99/mo., but since I average 150mb usage per month, it's cheaper than buying mb's. Their biggest per mb plan is 50mb for the same price!

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