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    I recently bought an unlocked Treo 600 and then got a plan from Cingular. The plan automatically includes pay-as-you-go internet/email but I can't seem to be able to access the internet or email from my treo. Absolutely nothing happens when I click on the web browser (and try different sites) and nothing happens when I do send and receive on the email. Cingular customer service tells me that I have internet/email on my plan, so what else could be causing this?
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    You need to configure your GPRS.
    1. go to prefs
    2. select network (top right corner)
    3. ask cingular CS for username/password/APN

    For email.
    I'm not sure if you have a email plan with other provider. I use POP3/SMTP on mine.

    1. go to mail
    2. press menu on your treo
    3. select view
    4. select edit account.
    5. select new
    6. Your on your own from here

    Somebody from Cingular might be able to help you. This information I gave you are generic configuration.

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    Thanks. I went to the network preferences and all the information was there:
    Service - Cingular GPRS
    Connection - GPRS
    Password: -Assigned-
    APN: wap.cingular

    When I try to connect, it just says "an error occured opening the network connection"

    Does all of the above seem right? I will try to contact Cingular CS again, but they have been somewhat useless so far...

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