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    Hello everybody, for quite sometimes now I have been thinking of buying a convergence gadget which can organize and communicate at the same time. Currently I use 2 bluetooth enabled phones and a Tungsten T. Lately I've become too busy that I will most likely didn't bring at least one device. Never crossed my mind though that I would be interested in a PDA/phone, but well, necessity rules.

    But so far, I've found no appeal whatsoever from a PDA/phone. XDA's and Ipaq's are too large for my taste, I don't like PPC... Although I like it for the entertainment value (games, multimedia and such), dismal battery life (xcept for Ipaq). The Palm powered Palm Explore G18 and G88 just too small I barely can use it... And it uses PalmOS 4. Tungsten W... Well... I don't like talking with cables and earphones.

    The only compromise best suited to my taste is the Treo 600. But the low res screen and lack of bluetooth stops me from buying it. The rumoured Ace/650 is a definitely must buy for me.

    But some issue troubles me... Is it reliable enough? I live in Indonesia, the closest place to fix any Palmone product is in Singapore, and that would take me about 3 weeks to ship and be repaired. From hardware standpoint it looks solid enough, how about the software package? If it crash does a hard reset does clear things up? My sister Sony Ericsson P900 got damaged heavily (software) after a user error, totally dead, but a replacement soon came because we have SE representative in the town.

    How about the battery life under heavy use of PDA, like note input, and heavy calling?

    How about multimedia? Does the Treo comes with standard stereo headphones?

    I just still traumatized after buying certain brand of PDA/phone and I don't want to repeat my mistake again. So does the Treo 650/Ace really delivers? If the Treo 600 delivers from real life point of usage, then I would be 100% sure.

    Thanks for reading my long message
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    The Treo is outstanding, and you may find that a number of reasons that you originally needed bluetooth are no longer required. On the other hand, the Treo 650 / Ace will be a outstanding purchase.

    THe Battery life is quite good.. Lasts quite a while.. a bit less if you go on the internet. I've used it regularly for an entire weekend with reasonable internet use without a problem.

    Calling, you can probably get about 4 hours talk time (I'm guessing). Multimedia is quite good, but the lo-res screen is a bit of a drawback. (Don't compare it to some of your PDAs or you'll be disappointed.)

    You can get stereo headphones. (I use the retractable Sedio headset) . Great headsets.. Love them.

    I would buy the Treo 600 again, and again and again.... Two thumbs up!
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    TREO 600 is the best...
    TREO 600 ROCKS !!!! I gave up my Zaurus sl-5500 and my Motorola v60i for it.

    "Willing is not enough; we must do. Knowing is not enough; we must apply." -- Bruce Lee
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    On the forums, you can see many people complaining about hardware problems with their Treo, but you also don't hear people who do not have problems. It's hard to tell how reliable it is. For my part, I got my Treo last month. I did not have any problems. The low res screen is "good enough" although a 320x320 would be much welcome. The battery life is very good. Even with heavy PDA use (meeting and such) I don't even have to recharge it everyday. Hope this helps.
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    Re: the battery- a few days ago, I forgot to put it back on my charger overnight, and the next morning I was worried about it, and checked batterygraph- 95% charge! Standby for 24 hours in a 1-bar zone with a little bit of PDA usage barely took the top off the charge
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    Regarding Reliablity,
    I would not have recommended a Treo to someone who wanted a highly reliable unit until they released the 650 unit.

    While the older units have been highly functional, they have not been highly reliable (go ahead and argue the point, I've had over a dozen units replaced, I'm confident in my experiances)

    However, the new units are being built by HTC, which does a pretty darn good manufacturing job, so I'd expect these units to be much more reliable than previous versions. HTC also has tons of mobile computing manufacturing experiance, so I think the manufacturing timelines will be much more reliable.
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    Thanks for the replies

    Ah... A hardware reliability issue on the Treo 600. I can safely assume then the new one would have better reliability? It's unusual for a high profile company not to fix the current irregularity in their product line.

    The 1800mAH battery is nice, I can go without browsing the internet on it because the GPRS rate here is quite expensive.

    How about the screen? Does it use Transflective or Reflective screen? My worst complaint on the Tungsten T is because it uses a reflective screen, kind of color washer.
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    I would go ahead and buy the Treo 650. I believe it has a transflective screen and it fixes pretty much all the shortcomings of the old Treo (screen, bluetooth and removeable battery). I have had my T600 since November and it has been flawless. I have seen several comments about poor build quality though (maybe I was just lucky).

    That said, as jberger said, HTC is a very well known manufacturer (they build the ipaqs and other high end devices) and I am confident the new version will not have the reliability issue. I just bought another Treo 600 for someone else but returned it because of the pending release.

    FWIW, I live in India and was worried about the service issue as well but I am so glad I went ahead with the purchase....
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    Thanks desitreo, a very reassuring comment. HTC build Ipaqs?! Wow, I never knew who is this HTC body until now, but as a former Ipaq user, I have to agree that whoever made the device sure is good.

    Actually the servicing issue is not that important. In my town, there's one shop which can send any palmOne product overseas to be repaired, refurbished or any kind of maintainance. But at the cost of approximately one month I will have to use paper again as an organizer.

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