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    I downloaded Mobile TS and would like to know if someone could tell me how to set it up to connect to my desktop. It uses Win. XP Pro Remote Assistance.

    I'm having trouble logging in.
    I'm not sure were and what settings I have to have on the Desktop Computer.

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    If you have the remote access activated on your xp desktop, you're all set to go! In the mobile ts config for the connection just put in the ip address for your desktop... If you have a software firewall you will have to configure the firewall to accept the connection. If you have a hardware firewall you will have to go in the config of that firefall to setup a pass through.
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    You must have Terminal Services running - found in add/remove programs where you add/remove os components. At least this is where it's found on Win2000 Advanced Server. And when you install it select the remote administration option.
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    Right click my computer and go to the remote tab. Turn on Remote Access and configure any users on the machine that might want access in.

    Depending on how you're connected to the internet, you might have to use port forwarding to make sure your outside terminal request makes it to your windows xp machine. Remote Desktop Protocol (Terminal Services) by default uses port 3389.

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    I need help with the mobile ts on my Treo 600. When I get to the User Name and Password screen I don't know what user name and password to put in.

    Thank You
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    Use the same that you use to sign on your computer...

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