A week or so before getting my Treo 600, I was struck with the idea that hey, I wonder if you could record phone calls on a Treo? But alas, there's no software that lets you do that, and after asking here and on several forums, came up dry. That is, until earlier today, when I discovered Sound Recorder kinda sorta works! Success!

If you initiate a call and put your Treo 600 on speaker phone, and quick jump out to Sound Recorder and start recording, Sound Recorder picks up the external speaker pretty good- after a few tries hitting #646 and talking to the machine, I found that the speakerphone volume at 3 or 4 sounded pretty good and fairly balanced with my own voice. At the normal volume of 5 or 6, the mic gets overmodulated and sounds terrible (still decipherable, but sounded bad).

Doubt I'll ever use it and as an uncompressed wav, it takes about 2mb/minute, but hey, I can use if I want to, right? I'm no lawyer but I'm pretty sure it's illegal to record calls unless you let the other party know you're recording, is that right? But for taking down an address or directions or in my case, detailed technical engineering instructions, it would be GREAT to have a nice audio recording of the conversation for reference!