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    Since my laptop (Gateway) doesn't have an IR port, I was wonderingi if anyone knows of who may offer a PCMCIA card with IR interface.

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    A PC card adapter seems kind of like overkill, but you should be able to find a USB infrared adapter.
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    Well, I need something I can leave in the laptop. Otherwise, if I need to plug in a USB device each time I want to sync, I might as well just plug in the hotsync cable.

    Know what I mean?

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    This is as close as I could find. Looks kinda klunky, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinfante
    I might as well just plug in the hotsync cable.
    I know what you mean.

    You could look into the whole "wireless hotsync" thing, but, to be honest, it sucks.

    If you do wind up having to carry something around, you could get PalmOne's laptop Hotsync cable, which is considerably less annoying that the whole long cable that comes with the Treo.

    Another option is to ditch Hotsync entirely. Some people do this, I understand, so it's not such a crazy idea. With a program like Snappermail, you can email apps to the Treo and install them that way, and with a card backup program you would still have the comfort of knowing you wouldn't lose your data. The occasional backup to the laptop when you're at home, and you're good to go. Or something.

    On the other hand, some of those USB infrared adapters are pretty small.

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