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    Does anyone know if there is a web directiry that only searches websites that are optimized for Palm Sized Browsers? Especially since the demise of Palm VII?? I am especially interested in aviation related weather sites.

    Here are some I know of:

    Google -
    Yahoo -
    Yahoo YellowPages -

    Continental -
    Delta -
    United -
    Northwest -
    Alaska -

    National Hurricane Center -
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    The main portals I use are and

    Not sure if they have many weather sites, but they are a good list of compatible pages.
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    Thanks T39andcounting.... is really cool....

    I heard a rumor that Continental Airlines is planning to soon deploy a new mini-site that will allow us to book tickets and check in for their flights right from a mini-browser... cool stuff. Anyone else heard of this?
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    If you get what you need in a Blazer friendly format so much the better, however if you can't then you can force normal websites to become blazer friendly by going to - to get the most out of it you'll need to open a free account and change your preferences.
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    to answer the original question though try the orange portal. The search engine initially searches optimised sites only, then gives you the option to use google.
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    If you get Webviewer, then you won't have to worry about mobile formated pages!!! It super fast and loads full pages fairly well!! You need to install the J2ME to use it fyi! Check it out on
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    I'm just too tight to pay for enhanced web-viewing
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    The Blazer/Google Quickstart Page includes sites optimized for PDAs:

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