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    with an acct at nextel till next april or may, i just wonder - do you think prices will go up or down for service plans over the next year or so?

    is demand driving prices up, or will competition move to push prices lower?

    i'm really interested in the higher-end service plans - 1k mins/mo, unltd data, etc
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    I've been watching sprint plans get progressively more expensive over the past two years. But the way they do it is by requireing you to buy more services, which runs up your bill.

    Example: unmlimited vision used to be $10. Now, you can only get unlimited vision as part of a pictures pack, business pack, and something else - for a $15 charge.
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    well, that's not too bad

    i can handle that
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    That is exactly why I left Nextel. I was paying $199.99 a month for unlimited use with a BLAh phone selection. I am with Tmobile 3000min a month, unlimited internet on the phone and free HostSpots and Starbuck all for $69.99 a month
    can't beat that
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    yeah, i'm at about 165/mo

    i figured a sprint acct w/ the unltd data would be close to that (for the kind of mins I need)

    i'd rather have that unltd data than the PTT

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