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    I am a palmone fan to the end. but I am beginning to become very frustrated at this company's refusal to go major league with their devices.
    for years, the market has been asking - hell, drooling for the all-in-one convergence device that will inspire them to drop their multiple devices and buy the one - holy grail smartphone.
    now, after merging with handspring, palmone is a good size successful company with plenty of capital now after years of evolution from basic pdas. we are beyond those now and now that plmo peaked our interest, we want wifi, hi res, cameras, ram, processing speed, sd slots, browsers and bluetooth.
    they're releasing the ace, which has everything BUT WIFI. (in a market where wifi is ubiquitous now.) WHY? why do they insist on building each new device with at least one achilles heel? why not build the best damn device possible and see where this takes them in this ever - growing smartphone race?
    why do they insist on playing the minimalist game - 32mbs ram, no wifi, 312mhz processor, etc?
    hell, dell's axium x30 I believe has an intel 624mhz processor, 128 mb ram, wifi, and a beautiful screen! now knowing these other companies are hot on their tail, why do they remain on the bench in this game vs getting up and taking a FULL SWING at this fastball, for god's sake?! give their fans the products in demand rather than give them "almost" everything but not quite? it really boggles the mind.
    I love their products, but they invariably short change them when they have the means to make them the undisputed champions of today's devices? why do they do this?
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    I hate replying to my own thread, but another point. if plmo began making a name for itself in bringing you not only the best looking smartphone, but the one with everything the tech market could offer, announcements like the nokia treo killer would be brushed off like gnats! motorola, microsoft, nokia, ericsson - they're all right there at the doorstep - why let them get ahead when you have the power to blow them all out of the water and remove nokia's chance of stealing plmo's base of the market? you know, it just doesn't make competitive sense to me.... maybe there's a lot I don't know - I hope that's the reason for palmone's holding itself back, but I am beginning to pull for palmone as the underdog rather than the champion, and I don't like that for plmo as my favorite company. they have the power to jump way ahead of their competitors, but they choose to sweat it out and take the risks that they are.
    I hope someone can fill me in as to what palmone's market strategy is, since I am also invested in plmo, am concerned at what I am seeing here in the 11% decline in stock price. I think it will return once the ace is released, but still I am concerned that plmo may still not have made the necessary leap in convergence tech that they needed to break away from the ppc's and the nokia's of today.
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    I know. i am very frustratedwith the fact that the seem to AIM to make a OK product. I actually like the design of the XDA O2. I wish they would make the new Treo with everything wifi, a grafiti area. not another mediocre device with 32mb of ram. WTF?????
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    are they just trying to make sure they don't bite off more than they can chew? you know, if a business grows too fast, its not good.

    if they slowly mature the product, that might be the best option


    just trying to figure it out, also
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    For one thing, they don't give you "wifi" and other things that most people would obviously want because they have to obviously have things to put in the next versions of there hardware, no? So they keep adding in every version, like we're supposed to get bluetooth in the next version, well palm can blowme if they think I'm going to upgrade based on that. The version after that will probably have wifi, well they can blowme if they think that will be a reason to upgrade for me. There is no excuse for the obvious shabby quality of things like treo 600 speaker and low memory, that really makes treo customers feel like suckers.

    I've been using palm for many years and if there was a program that could convert my datebook, I'd probably make the t6 my last palm device and go with a company that has more respect for my money and loyalty.
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    I think a lot of us have invested in this company *thinking* that the immediate future of the Treo line would have the OBVIOUS upgrades (wifi is certainly one of them, memory is a NO BRAINIER). I'm throughly disappointed that they didn't include these in the upgrade. I recently purchased an IPAQ (from the enemy) and am seriously considering making the switch to WHOMEVER makes the convergent device that fits my needs. Company loyalty be damned. There are a LOT of companies out there that are fighting for my business, and frankly, they are starting to look a lot more attractive now that we know the specs on the new Treo upgrade.

    Pull your collective heads out PalmOne! You have a loyal customer base that you're consistantly pissing off. We know you read these boards, so get a clue!
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    im holdin off of the treo ace because I want a device that has 128 mb ram, 624mhz processor, bluetooth, wifi, ev-do, 2 megapixel camera, great browsing experience, superior speakerphone, and brilliant 480 x 320 res screen.
    Id rather wait than buy the ace and listen to all the complaining that will probably happen.
    at palmone's rate, another company like sony may come from nowhere and produce a device that measurably outshines the treo.
    I've upgraded to the t 600, but the next time I upgrade, it will be for a phone that does it all. no compromises next time. hopefully that will be palmone. but if not, ill buy from the company who DOES follow through!
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    Think of how much software you are going to have to give up if you go to PPC or Symbian or even Linux! No platform has the breadth and agility of Palm OS for development. Kyocera and Samsung seem to be content to make 12-key phones for now. The other Palm OS players dont seem to enter the major western markets.

    It's very possible that 3G network arrival/adoption will kill the WiFi business stone dead. Why bother with WiFi if you get 300kbps (EDGE or 1EVDO or UMTS) on an all you can eat feed from Sprint, TMobile and others. The only advantage of WiFi might be removal of firewall restrictions when in your place of business which can be dealt with on 3G by location-specific profiling.

    I for one would rather deal with one form of reliaable wireless comms rather than a plethora of battery hogs and configuration issues (e.g. smtp server issues preventing you mail being sent when moving from hotspot to hotspot)
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    poryphyron, yes I agree with you. I think ev-do will kill wifi, but the thing is it bothers me that palmone gives you nearly the best but not quite the best.
    don't get me wrong. I am a treo fanatic. I love palmone. I just wish they became a little more agressive. im not going to switch from palm os unless there is a very, very good reason. its just that I think at this stage of the game, palmone could be producing much more in their devices.
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    Why the minimalist game? Here's what I think it might be:
    1. Palm's marketing group is actually smarter than we are. I'd say that very few people on a Palm enthusiast board would have predicted, for example, the success of the low-level Zire models, but Palm made a pretty penny with that "minimalist" technology.
    2. If they made the ultimate device, what would they do for an encore? If you read the boards, you may have noticed that folks generally are looking for something better in a year or less.
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    I understand everyone's disappointment at the lack of wi-fi. And maybe the memory. (Though I'm far from my memory max and if I reach it, a $30 SD 256mb will extend me for ever.)
    But really processor speed? Isn't this a bit like the motorheads spazzing about engine size and power? Actually, they may drive their cars to max speed. Has anyone ever hit any limitations in their Treo 600 that the processor speed was responsible for?
    In sum, I agree that palmone should put all the useful amenities in the Ace. (Wi-Fi, hi-res screen) But as for processor speed . . . I'm more concerned with practical things like battery life and reliablity. 200mhz, 300mhz, who cares as long as it gets the job done?
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    alwost everyone has been affected by the slow processor, all entertainment software falls short due to the processor.

    emulators are slow
    mmplayer movies have to be of low quality
    ptunes music has to also have limits on compression quality
    docs to go is sluggish on the 600
    the list goes on.

    just as much as nobody needs more processing power, nobody needs a treo600, we are in the field of wants.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy
    I wish they would make the new Treo with everything wifi, a grafiti area. not another mediocre device with 32mb of ram. WTF?????
    I would love to see 128mb and Wifi as much as the next Treo user but you will never see another Treo device with Grafiti... do you remember the Treo 180 smileyboy? It crashed and burned... If you want grafiti and wifi get a T|3 (or T|5)
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    Blazer renders slower than mollasses because of the slow processor. mpeg4 files play jumpy, too, and sometimes don't play at all.
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    Hi Tekara

    What limits on encoding quality for MP3s? I encode my files at 160kbps and play 'em no bother on Real and pTunes. It's the same fidelity I use on iTunes on my Mac/PC.

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    I get issues over 256kbps, I tend to rip at 320kbps since i use them through my home theater. it's nothing bad but it's enough.
    "The danger from computers is not that they will eventually get as smart as men, but that we will agree to meet them halfway." -Bernard Avishai
    "Computers are a lot like air conditioners - they both work great until you open windows." -Anonymous

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    Treo600 was an eye-catching success. Now everyone else is waking up, even Nokia and RIM. If PalmOne sleeps for a few months (say, not releasing something significant this holiday season), they're gonna lose the edge, again.

    Look at the competition on the horizon: Samsung mini-HD megapixel pone, RIM blackberry phone, Motorola's onslaught of >dozen new phones, Nokia Communicator 9300. I'm sure Sony Ericsson and LG won't be left behind, either.

    As to why the ultima-1 approach, here's my guess:

    1. They're still busy fighting the post-merger political game.
    2. At the same time, they realize they HAVE TO put out something before Xmas.

    In fact, the decision is most likely a result of the post-merger politiking -- whoever pushed for the "ultima" approach lost, or got threatened/scared by the liability in case of a date slippage, or simply no one wants to step up to the plate and make the call.

    Too bad, because I'm not going for teeny tiny incremental upgrades on a $600 phone every year.
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    I agree. im gonna pass on the ace and wait for the nextgen treo - which I think should be a champ if things come together well for palmone.
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    I was having my doubts about upgrading to the ACE but there are three very significant improvements:

    1) High resolution screen - what everyone has been screaming for from Day One

    2) Bluetooth - a lot of noise about this also

    3) Faster processor - Never hurts

    4) Improved camera - another big gripe

    If you compare it to the upgrade from the 300,

    1) Major OS rev

    2) Faster Processor

    3) Vastly improved form factor and 5-Way Nav

    4) SD slot

    It's not that different. If you want to wait another year, be my guest.

    Those of us who embrace the Ace will be extremely happy we did.
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