For those of you who like a wallpaper picture, instead of the number pad, and love football, I have a suggestion. I went to The Football Helmet Project at:

and downloaded my alma materís football helmet (one guess - - Go Hawks!). This is a great website if you like the pageantry of football. It has NFL, NCAA (Division I and II), Arena, the Old Leagues (XFL), etc.

The original GIF file is 160 x 106. Using Irfan View, I resized it to 160 x 94 (very slight distortion of the helmet), transferred it to my Treo, and set it as my wallpaper. Because the helmet (and shadow) is set against a white background, it looks very cool floating on the Treo's white screen background!

If anyone tries this, let me know what you think! I think you will be proud (and excited) to show off your Treo as well as your team pride!