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    I can't send pictures on my Treo 600. I get the message ( MMS Problem, Can't connect to server) I have spoken to Data and Tech support at verizon for several days and they can't help me, so does anyone have the solution ?

    Thank You
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    I had to call tech support who basically just had me soft reset a couple times to clear the short-term message buffer and it started working. I'm not sure if she did anything on her end or not... if anything, it was just making sure my account was checked off that it supported MMS.

    Posted my procedure here:
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    I had the "There is a problem connecting with the server" problem when trying to MMS. After 2 hours on the phone with various Verizon techs, they emailed me a file called MmsSend.prc and had me hotsync that and it fixed my problem. I can now send and receive MMS pictures! Hope this helps someone...


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