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    Has anyone noticed any Problems with International text messages. I've been having the craziest issue and can't seem to hunt down and answer.
    I have a Treo 600 with At&T. I live in the states and frequently run to Canada. I can text message U.S. to U.S. no problem, but can not recieve text messages initiated from Canadian senders.(Rogers Wireless, and At&t affiliate) Wierd huh?
    I did it without any problems from Sprint, but once i made the switch to At&t major hassle. I am reluntant to switch back if there is something i can do about it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    This is a problem with ATT and their inter-carrier SMS bridge. I suggest you complain to ATT support about the service issue; dont make the complaint to the first person you speak to - make sure they give you a supervisor who is more likely to get you some visibility/action on the issue.

    You may find that switching between carriers in Canada will help - use Select Network command in the Phone application. Given ATT and Rogers old association, it seems likely that they would be closely tied but you may get better results on Fido/Microcell.
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    Thanks so much for the advice. will definately give it a go and post the response.
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    Called Rogers Wireless in Canada they said it was a gateway problem stemming from a portability issue. Because I switch U.S. carriers(sprint to AT&T) and ported my number over. They also anticipate receiving many more calls of this nature since several people in the US are changing networks but keeping the same phone numbers (This is not yet available in Canada).Was corrected within 48hours.
    Thanks so much for the advice and direction to help solve the problem.
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    So where's the gateway problem stemming from? US or Canada carrier? I have a friend in Canada (Fido) and he can recieve my SMS' w/o any problems but I can never receive his SMS' to me.

    So should he be calling up his carrier in Canada or should I be calling Cingular to get this problem fixed?

    thanks :shortcut:

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