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    My Treo600 is due to be Fedex'd from Verizon w/in 24 hours

    I currently have a Visor (basic), with the software installed on my home pc (XP), on "my" home page, i.e. my wife can not access (for no particular intended reason, I guess, other than I installed on my side).

    My questions are:
    1. When I receive the Treo, is moving all my Contact, Calendar, Memo, etc. info pretty self-explanatory?
    2. Is it possible to install the Treo software on "my" user page, migrate the data via Sync, then reset the Visor (i.e. wipe data), and then install the Visor software on "her" user page and give her the Visor to use?

    Thanks in advance (and looking to be a happy participant here),
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    What PIM are you using? Outlook?

    Assuming that you are using Outlook and not Palm Desktop to manage contacts, calander etc...

    I would just uninstall the Visor stuff...and then install your treo stuff and then synch. Everything should come over just fine.

    You definately want to use the synch software that came with your Treo as there are extra items (like synching photos from the Camera) that are included with that software.

    Also, if you tried to synch your Treo with your existing Visor profile, I would worry about that putting some really old Visor apps on your Treo. It might not take kindly to that. For the best experience I would start from scratch and and only install Software that is intended to work on the Treo.

    As I said earlier if you are using Outlook as your PIM...this is not big deal because all your info will just synch over to the Treo.

    Hope I understood your question right and I hope I answered it...somewhat!

    PS: I don't really know what you mean by "your page".
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    my 2 cents... do what treo-mike said uninstall the visor apps and install the treo software clean on "your page" (your profile in XP) and synch everything up. The stuff that's sitting in Outlook will come over to the treo (assuming you use outlook of course).

    Once you're treo's all set you can just logon onto XP with your wife's profile and reinstall the visor app and synch it up with the new user. When you logon to XP you'll see your treo stuff, when she logs on she'll see the Visor apps.

    Congrats on the Treo. I've had mine for a week. Fascinating device. Definitely read as much as you can stomach. The manual and especially these boards. It's a powerful device but you've got to make the commitment to it. Little things like calls going to VM b/c you're data connection didn't drop will drive you bonkers (and cost $$$ depending on your plan). These boards are a goldmine for the new treo user.

    Good luck and enjoy!
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    Thanks for the quick replies, guys!

    I am presently using the Palm Desktop on my home pc. I know I have Outlook Express for email, but not sure about full Outlook version. I will check and confirm this weekend.

    And yes, I meant my 'profile' on XP vs. my wife's...

    Thanks again.

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