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    I've got a Treo600 and in Prefs/General/Color you can change the colors on the device. Unfortunately, since white means an "on" pixel, night reading is particularly hard on the eyes, even with the display brightness turned down all the way (thanks BrightCam!)

    Is there anyway to add color schemes (and of course have them available for all programs as descr. above)? I was looking for either green on BLACK. If you have Planetarium, check out their "night mode", which is a not-bad red on black. So when you look back and forth from sky to Treo, you're not night blinded.

    P.S. I use my Treo as a flashlight very often, so my next request would be a quick way to switch between color schemes...
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    As for using the Treo as a flashlight, check this out (might be a better solution than changing your color theme back and forth): PalmLight

    It's a freeware program that turns (most of) your screen white or red. That's what I use for a flashlight!
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