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    Somewhat long but definitely worth the read...
    So I'm playing pool with a friend of mine last night over at a local bar... We are trading games back and forth when two guys come up to us wearing Dallas Burn (now known as FC Dallas in the MLS) jerseys. They introduced themselves as Brad and Eric; we start playing and my buddy and I are up about 4 or 5 games. I know ... I'm not THAT good, so I knew it was a matter of time before Minnesota Fats and his sidekick tried to place a wager on the game. He starts out wanting to bet $10/ball. I kindly told him that I was only carrying plastic and maybe we could play another time for dinero. Meanwhile, Eric goes to the restroom. I ask Brad "so you guys play for the Burn?" He said, "yes, we both play midfield" We play another game and amazingly enough they start to come alive. However, they are holding back enough for my buddy and I to reconsider on the gamble. After that game, Brad goes to the restroom. This is when Eric is supposed to bring it on heavy and talk us into a little bet...I'm talking to Eric and finally I said "You play for a major league soccer team, what are you doing trying to get money out of me." To which he replied, "I don't play for the Burn, I'm a sponsor." This is when the highlight of my bar experience began... I'm going to put this into a dialogue format to make things a bit easier:

    ME: What is your last name?
    ERIC: Quill
    ME: You aren't a sponsor, you play midfield for the started out your rookie year in 1997 with Tampa Bay, you then moved to Kansas City, now the Burn has picked you up. You are 5'10 tall, 170 pounds, birthdate is 2/28/78; your buddy's name is Brad Davis, he's only been with the Burn for two seasons...his brother Jeff went to St. Louis University and was on the 1991 semi-final team. I can show you your picture on the roster if you would like; the internet is a b****"
    ERIC: <picks his chin up off the floor and looks at me with an "oh sh**" expression.

    The rest of the story is pretty much irrelevant all except for the fact that they ended up paying for the use of the table from the start.

    Just thought I would add that to the useful Treo uses...

    "Calling BS on a couple hustlers."
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    Super...couldn't stop laughing Silver.
    Thanks for sharing your story
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    The internet is sure a b**** for him since he now has a permanent record of his hustling attempts posted on it.

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