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    The T600 was supposed to be released Feb 2004 in Turkey by the Turkish distributor for Handspring. Come February, I called them for a month and they said they still had not released it . I just recently noticed that they had finally changed the "Treo600 soon in our inventory" message on their website to "Presenting the Treo 600!" . Let's see... is that about 10 months after the release of the phone in the US?

    Having just recently decided to buy the T600 to replace my failing T300, I had decided on a couple of alternatives (second-hand, ebay, P1, etc.) to purchase from. Just out of interest, although I knew that the price factor would be unbelievable (I had bought my T300 on discount for half the local MSRP, at $300) I still couldn't hold myself from calling.

    The Treo 600 in Turkey is approximately US $910!!!

    So I guess for that money I could get two phones from the US, sell one for more than I bought it for (without even getting close to the $910 price) and use the money gained to buy accessories.

    One disadvantage, the reasoning of which I have never understood (explanations anyone?), is that the Turkish distributor will not service Treo devices bought overseas, even if you have a continuing warranty from PalmOne. They will only service/repair/replace Treo devices that they have sold themselves.

    No wonder there are only a handful of Treo users here.
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    Damned! $910 USD for almost a year old phone is nuts!! IMO, you should wait a couple more months and get a few unlocked Treo 650/Ace's and sell them for double the price in Turkey and make an even bigger profit!
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    If the phone was halfway durable, I'd suggest just buying an ebay one, then if it dies - just buy another ebay one. You'd still be ahead of the $910 USD price given that ebay new T600's are going for around $400-450.

    But we know how finicky they are.

    Can't you call PalmOne and ask them if they support phones used in Turkey but bought in USA? You'd think they would, if you agreed to pay for shipping.


    PS: or am I being naive?
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    Well unfortunately the T300 I have right now will probably not last until I get a new phone as it already provides me with lots of amusement (around 10-15 carrier turn on-turn offs per day, where the phone looks like it has a signal but is actually not even connected to the network, "problem with sim card detected...").

    I HAD decided to buy a T600 GSM unlocked from ebay until I found out that it comes to $450 + taxes + S&H (can you say $530?) to buy direct from the reseller! I can't get it directly off ebay because (surprise surprise) ebay doesn't use credit cards from Turkey. And this price is for a new to three day old carrier return, and I can't tell you how much those last two words give me the shivers. I can't even start to think how it would be to get the phone and have to send it back again if there is a production error. Many people have experienced this, many have not...

    So I'd rather HAVE paid $70 more to PalmOne and gotten the $600 GSM unlocked T600 off their online store. Unfortunately that is still a lot of money considering second hand T600s are now selling for 300-400 dollars (missed a couple of good deals there!) in the Marketplace part of the Forum. No way I could dish out that kind of money now without experiencing difficulties in regards to other financial obligations.

    So I HAVE decided to wait it out for a few months for the new release. Hell, for the 650/Ace/whatever I'm prepared to wait until Christmas if necessary. New phone, new year anyone?

    WildCard, I'm sure P1 would not have any problems regarding servicing the warranty (as long as it is still running) on a T600 bought in the US, regardless of where it is used. I'm sure that me paying for the shipping would be necessary, and it probably would not pose too much difficulty for P1 in this regard.

    However, I think it is justified for customers to expect the Turkish representative to service PalmOne products as long as they have a warranty that is not expired, regardless of the country of purchase. I'm not sure if this problem still exists but I feel confident that it does.
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