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    Greetings All,

    Just a quick note to introduce my self and second to thank everyone for the incredible amount of useful information I found during my research. This site was the clincher in my decision to pull the trigger on a 600.

    I picked mine up today at a local VZW store (they have heard zero on the 650) and can't wait to leave work to set it up.

    I've been using a Pocket PC on and off for a couple years, but it never meshed completely for me. I'm still searching for the killer convergence device and hopefully I just got one step closer.

    I do have a couple questions right out of the box. First, regarding e-mail/calendar synching. I'm a heavy traveler, Outlook 2003 user working off an Exchange 2003 server. I use my laptop at work and dial in via VPN at home with same laptop to pull my mail.

    Is this process seamless for the treo - can I connect to my exchange server remotely? I saw one post where the "desktop" pc had to be logged in to pull mail/calendar. That won't work me. Can I vpn or something similar with the Treo? Is Snappermail the answer? As I'm the only Treo user I'd like to avoid setting up server side apps just for me.

    Second, is anyone familiar with the VZW plans. I currently have multiple phones on the America's Choice Family Share package. Do you know if SMS and/or web is included (just comes off the minutes?). I looked around the VZW site but couldn't find out much - I will call them later, but thought I'd be lazy first and see if anyone here knew off the top of their head.

    Thanks again to everybody for all the info. I'm cautiously optimistic about this thing...

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    Welcome to the club!!!

    The easiest thing to do...if the IT gods of your company allow to have them enable IMAP access on the Exchange server. Then you will have full wireless synching on your e-mail (inbox and sub-folders) with a program such as SnapperMail (or Chatter). If they do not...there are some VPN solutions available for the Palm platform...but I am not familiar with them.

    Hope this helped.
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    Thanks Mike. I will try getting IMAP enabled on the server. For what it's worth I downloaded Mergic? VPN last night and connected over no problem but couldn't hit exchange. I think I just need to keep reading the boards. I found of wealth of info on e-mail issues. It seems like I'll need to set up an old PC here at work just to maintain the connectivity with the treo. Not ideal but it'll do.

    On the VZW side, I added the unlimited data plan ($40 per month on top of voice plan). They said to download their wireless sync sware. I haven't gotten that far yet, so I don't really know how/where that piece of the pie fits in. Snapper Mail looks great and I'm pretty confident I'll get this all set-up, it's just a bit more daunting than I expected, but nothing's free right. I guess I'm waiting for the "Treo for Dummies" book.

    Thanks again. So far this is a cool little device - I just need to retrain my brain away from the PocketPC.

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    You can have pretty much all the functionality of Outlook Web Access on the Treo's Blazer browser if your IT guys installl OWA-PDA on your Exchange Server. It is a stripped down down verison of OWA that adds very little overhead to the Exchange server and works quite passibly. Cheap, too.

    There is also GoodNet from Good Technology a much more feature rich solution, but a pretty good haul to get running. If you have many mobile users, it is probably the best. It does require a dedicated server....
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    I wouldn't go the extra computer or the VZ wireless synch root...if they (IT ppl) do IMAP for you, you are golden for remote e-mail...whenever you want...wherever you want - with no other computers running.

    The VPN will work..but I would assume that you need an e-mail client with MAPI to access your Exchange server via the VPN. Not sure there is a Palm solution like that.
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    I have done a lot of research on this and couldn't find a MAPI palm client. I agree the best bet is to get IMAP on your server turned on.

    If you do go the dedicated PC at work solution, you might try Docs to Go and Inbox to Go Wireless. I use them and am very happy with them. In my work I do a lot with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. They cost about $100 and the support is good.

    Another solution I tried as Sprint Business Connection. I didn't like the user interface and the way it handled attachments.

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    is there any way to tell if i have IMAP without asking IT? I know we have exchange 2003, and I know we can access mail using OWA but we have to use a secure ID key to get and send mail.

    ANYTHING TO NOT HAVE TO LEAVE MY PC ON AT WORK. Is Blackberry the only answer? I like the 7510 but HATE Nextel.
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    Thanks everybody. I will see about the IMAP support first thing in the morning. I had completely forgotten about Outlook Web Access - what a moron. I need to start thinking of the treo as more than a phone!

    We're a small business running MS Small Business Server. Turning on the IMAP service will be simple, although I read something about a virtual server... Either way, thanks again for the input. I realize this post should have gone under communication, but I originally was just saying hello!

    P.S. For the record I got a bellagio case with clip and screen protectors from the treocentral store and I'm very happy with the setup. Only slight downside is the phone can spin like a pinwheel - my samsung phone clip was nice as it "clicked" at 45 degree rotations - does anyone know of a clip (that preferably fits the bellagio "pin") that clicks rather than spins?
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    Covertec horizontal case...the best...hands down!

    elbiablo: No way to tell...IT would have to tell you what the incoming and outgoing servers were set to...i.e. or whatever. Sorry!

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