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    I love mine. what are your fave things about yours?
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    Audio books (Audible) is by far at the top of my list. Constant access to e-mail and web are good things too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lb505
    Audio books (Audible) is by far at the top of my list. Constant access to e-mail and web are good things too.
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    internet and email access made easy, I had a panasonic camera phone before and it took me 7 months to work out how to get the same whereas I was up and running in 5 minutes on the treo...simplicity
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    I like the internet connection the best. My favorite app is reqwireless webviewer which I use often to visit different websites.

    Applications that make use of the wireless connectivity are great:
    1) directory assistant (yellow/white pages, maps), 2) mnews (rss feed reader), 3) ipedia (encyclopedia), 4) inoah (dictionary) , 5) stock manager (stock quotes/tracker), 6) pocket tunes (audio streaming).
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    I like the look on people's faces when they recognize the Treo model.
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    It makes email useful again.
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    I would add FastForward. Nice to be able to plug in at home and have phone calls automatically transfer to landline.

    I also love ArrowLauncher. Very slick way of accessing contacts and applications. (Similar to Quicksilver, Butler and Launchbar on the Mac)
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    The size. I would rather have a PPC based phone and find that after using a Dell Axim X3i PPC for a while, going back to the lower resolution screen makes reading text alot more annoying. BUT the size makes up for everything. Being able to have a phone that allows me to browse the web, check email, read Ebooks and listen to mp3 files all in one small compact unit is absolutely terrific.
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    I really like the degree at which we are able to customize it. Being based on the Palm OS, it's very customizable. Using ZLauncher and it's jpg backgrounds are fun. Installing and trying out new programs. It's the whole package.
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    The keyboard.
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    1.The Email alerts and access
    2. Having a camera and pics on me at all time
    3. The Web access
    4. The PDA Feature
    5. Having it all in such a small package!
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