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    Is there a way to turn off the message pop ups on this forum? I don't like them. I assume they are some sort of Javascript. I did not see anything in the preference area.
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    Use Firefox, it's free, blocks pop ups, is more configurable, smaller, faster and usually more secure than IE.
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    I have Safari which blocks advertisement and other pop-ups but not the javascript popups with this forum.

    (I am speaking of the popups that occur when you roll your cursor over a forum topic)
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    I use Mozilla but if you insist on sticking with an inferior browser then at least install Privoxy. This is a proxy which filters out all kinds of unwanted junk, not just pop-ups. Highly recommended.
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    I guess I really used the wrong term. Here is the correct term:

    "Thread preview on mouse-over"

    This is something that is an option for the administrator of this forum (option on the administrative control panel).

    By the way, "Thread preview on mouse-over" will occur with the following Web Browsers:

    Opera (? shows links instead of messages)

    No message popups with:


    Still think this should be an option (I don't really want to change my browser for this!)
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    Absolutely 100% agree.

    Those pop-up messages on roll-over are so blinking distracting I sometimes leave the site just because of them. Wish they could be turned off. The benefit they bring is just way too small for the incredible annoyance.
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    If someone finds a way to shut those &)($# things off please post it!
    They drive me nuts...
    Treocentral, are you listening???
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    I check the vBulletin/Jelsoft documentation. Only the Site Administrator can turn "Thread preview on mouse-over" - it is in the Administrator Control Panel. I sent an email to their support line in this regard.

    (It can also be a bandwidth hog, not only for the Server but also for those on Dial Up)

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