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    I was just wondering, what type of user would you classify yourself as?

    As much as any PDA can be used for both business and pleasure, most people would go more one way with it than another.

    My treo is more littered with concert dates than meeting dates, but I do have key work appointments on there as well. So, what one are you?
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    I've got everything, work and play on mine. If it's in my schedual, it's on my Treo.
    Everything is on there..
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    I guess you could call me a combo user. I synchronize with my work PC and home PC to get a blend of information. I also use Docs 2 Go for both work and home. AvantGo has both work data and personal.
    The exception to the rule is that all the games and music are purely work related...that's my story and if anyone is from the IRS, I'm sticking to it.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    SMS like crazy...and games heheh

    but now i am using it as my agenda for those 14 billion doctr appointments and appointments in general i have
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    I look at my Treo sort of like dessert -- ALOB.

    I use it for work in tracking to do's, calls, appts and follow-ups using Agendus. It also reminds me to pick up my daughter at school.

    I use Mapopolis and GPS to make sure I don't need directions -- nothing more embarrassing than having to ask for directions

    I use pTunes to stream music using Shoutcast and to play music I have downloaded. My daughter watches short videos in the car and she plays the games I have on it.

    Use email all day and browse the web (especially t|c ) when I am waiting for an appointment.

    It's my primary business phone. And home phone. Caller ID allows me to screen calls, especially when the ex calls.

    I love this thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BLUES
    I've got everything, work and play on mine. If it's in my schedual, it's on my Treo.
    Everything is on there..
    OMG great background image, how did you get that???
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    Quote Originally Posted by ufo8mycat
    OMG great background image, how did you get that???
    Looks like Z Launcher
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    i use it for everything, scheduling, you name it. i'm always learning new ways to utilize it
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    email, work appointments, personal reminders, using the internet to keep up to date with UK football scores, a couple of games, some phone calls, keep lots of personal info on splashid, some photos, some work word docs...what annoys me at times is the thought that the treo can probably do so much more but I often don't have either the energy or inclination to learn !!
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    Basically for work related activities, personal inventory and finances, reading and email. I haven't received a phone call on the home phone in years. No games on it. Ben

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