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    This is not a troll. Recently I've been thinking about ditching my 600 for something a lot smaller. I don't want to walk around with it hanging from my belt, and it's too big for a pocket.

    So talk me out of this. What would I be giving up, really, to go with the Samsung VI660? It appears to have just about everything I use on my Treo, including web, e-mail, personal organizer, etc.

    For that matter, haven't there been a lot of smaller phones coming out lately that are pretty "smart"?


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    Honesty I don't the two are even remotely similar.

    Here is a list of some of the things the Treo 600 has which the VI600 does not:

    E-mail Client
    Expansion Card
    Speaker Phone
    Touch Screen
    PC Syncing
    Mp3 Player

    Not to mention the thousands of Palm OS applications available for the Treo.

    Here is a good comparison

    If you're looking to downsize that's one thing. But I think you will definetly loose some features along the way.
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    The functions are not comparable. Either you need/want the Treo functions, or you don't. Reading and sending e-mail with a plain phone is like chaning light bulbs with catcher's mitts on each hand. You can do it, but why would you if you don't have to? Smaller smart phones could be ok, but none I've seen are as durable/flexible/feature rich as the Treo.

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