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    I just got a Treo 600 and am an AT&T wireless customer.

    I am unable to receive email from my Pacbell pop server. I connect with the server fine, but then get an error message that I have an incorrect email address, user id, or password. However, I have inputed all of these correctly into the Treo.

    It requires the userid to be I have tried it without the '' and that doesn't work either.

    I can send email using the Pacbell smtp server no problem. Any clue for why this isn't working? Is there some trick? Both AT&T and Pacbell are of no help.

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    What e-mail client are you using on the Treo? You might try Euduro (free) or Snappermail ($30?)
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    AT&T provides a mail client called Mail to access pop email accounts. I'll try the other clients and see if that works instead. Thanks.

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