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    I'm no industry insider, but don't you think the number of wireless carriers is high? Too many competing technologies? I mean, *each* carrier has to have their own cell sites and other infrastructure? How efficient is THAT?

    And, won't a couple carriers eventually get bought out by the bigger fish?

    Do you think consolidation is in the future? And, if so, who will be the "big dogs" that last and who will get eaten up?
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    gsm: t-mo vs att/cingular (they are merging)
    cdma: Verizon vs. Sprint

    I dont know what Nextel uses, but there PTT feature is coming out from other carrier (maybe not as good), they may be ripe to merge with some one. but if they arent cambatible with the other carriers, what would be the point.

    Most gsm carriers have roaming agreements, so they dont need to build towers everywhere.
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