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    hello i'm new to treo 600
    i would like to ask how do i transfer my files from my computer such as word doc, pdf, excel, jpg and other to treo 600

    i don't have intenet access in the treo 600.
    and after i trasfer it where do i see the files?

    i don't have sdcard also.

    please help
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    The only one that's possible without a SD card is jpg. You can put them in C:\Program Files\Handspring\Treo Pictures\'hotsync id'\Transfer\ (replace 'hotsync id' with your hotsync id). Of course this only applies to Windows and the Treo 600 Palm Desktop.

    All the other file types you've listed either require conversion to a PDB file, which some of the Palm office suites (Documents to Go, QuickOffice, etc...) can do. The best solution is to get a SD card and a SD card reader for your computer, and transfer the files to the card that way.
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    Space limitation will also come into consideration if you don't by an SD card.
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    You can't save an attachment from email?
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    Quote Originally Posted by megaphone
    You can't save an attachment from email?
    I think the original question said that there was no internet access, thus no email.
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    you're right

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    This got me to thinking, you could also IR Beam an application into the Treo just like the old Palms. I've done it from Palm to Palm with friends. Don't know if it work the same way from computer to Palm?

    Might as well get all the 'transfer programs to Treo w/o internet access' possibilities out there.
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    Also with your IR equipped lap top. Ben
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    If you get Docs to Go from Dataviz, you can get Word, Excel, and PowerPoint across (costs about $50). Adode has a Palm tool to move pdf across (it is free). QEX and QEX to will port txt files.

    I just got an SD card and bought CardExport2 software and the Treo acts like a USB drive. This is really nice.

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