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    For those of you who like to discuss market share, units shipped, etc., this article on Brighthand give some numbers:

    "According to Gartner Dataquest, RIM shipped only slightly fewer handhelds than HP did last quarter. Reportedly, there were roughly 530,000 iPAQs shipped during the April to June period, while RIM shipped 510,000 BlackBerries during that same time....Gartner Dataquest reports that only about 160,000 Treo 600s were shipped during the second quarter of this year, less than a third the number of BlackBerries that shipped.

    There are some who will argue that the Treo 600 shouldn't be compared with the BlackBerry, as the palmOne device is a smartphone, not a wireless handheld. However, the two devices perform roughly the same functions and are fighting over the same target audience so I think the comparison is valid.

    HP's first cellular-wireless handheld is expected to debut next month. The iPAQ h6315 has generated a lot of buzz and it will be interesting to see how its sales stack up against the BlackBerry lines."
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    I think Blackberry's success rate is largely due to corporate management bios towards it. It is matter of time before Treo or treo Ace will overtake others as it is suited both for consumer as well as corporate segments.

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