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    So... let's say you are in Seattle, you have your Treo600 in your pocket and you see a huge plume of thick black smoke with a base of ferocious flames about 2 miles south of where you are standing...

    What website do you use to get breaking news in Seattle? I'm hoping for a text only version - PDA friendly - of some local news site that requires no membership, signing in, synching up, etc.

    Turns out it was NOT Costco which was my real fear and I finally did manage to get fire details on the Seattle Times website but it was incredibly painful to do so and I'm hoping someone has the URL to the prefect place to go for no frills on-the-spot news in Seattle.

    susan dennis
    seattle, WA
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    You could listen to Seattle Live Streaming Police Radio here

    As far as online publications I think your choices are the PI & the Times. Neither of which had a section I could find dedicated to "breaking news". But the PI site is laid out much nicer I think: or

    You could also go to the non Palm format of the PI's today's updates page here:'s%20Updates
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    Duh... Now, why couldn't I find those sites myself? I swear I looked. Sigh. Thanks so much. They are bookmarked and ready for the next time.
    susan dennis
    seattle, WA
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    No problem... Was there really a fire? I didn't see one today. I remember there being a wearhouse fire down that direction last year and the whole international district area was thick with smoke.

    Also I meant to say listen to the radio channel with Pocket Tunes, but you probably already knew that

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