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    Asking for members opinions. I am currently using the Kyocera 7135...nice, but really (really!) want a Treo. I understand through rumors that a new improved Treo (610 or Ace) is on the horizon. Should I wait? I would wait if the new model is coming soon - but not if it is closer to a year off. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
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    I for one wouldn't wait. But that's just the way I am. I have to have it now!

    If it's me, I get the Treo 600 now and if and when the Ace is released for Verizon I'd then sell my 600 on Ebay and upgrade to the Ace.

    Besides, if things follow the past Verizon won't get the Ace for a while so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the 600.
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    Hadn't thought about Verizon's very definite slowness. Thanks for your thoughts...I'm gettin' closer!
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    I was in your boat and decided to go for the T600. Chances are, something will be out this fall ahead of the holidays. But who knows when every provider will have them. Also, the often mentioned improvements -- bluetooth, faster processor, hires screen and, I think, higher res camera, don't amount to much for me personally. I don't own any other bluetooth items, I don't think the faster processor will mean enough for me in terms of download/upload times. A better camera would be nice, but to be honest, if I really care about taking a picture I'll whip out my Nikon D70. The higher res screen would be nice, but it wasn't worth an indefinite wait. At least not for me.
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    Ya, I really wanted one and thought about the same thing. I hate to buy the Treo 600 when pictures of the next one are already on the internet. But then again, when I bought my Treo 600 from my local Cingular store ten days ago, I was the first person they had sold one too. Apparently they had just recieved them a couple days ago, weren't even displayed or advertised yet, and they didn't know much about them. So I figure even if the new one comes out by the holidays, it will be much longer untill I can actually go to my Cingular store and pick one up. My fifteen day trial period is over almost and it looks like I will keep it. Bluetooth would be neat, but not necessary. Wi-fi doesn't do me much good cause I live in a small town and there are no hot spots, and where there are my laptop can use it. Memory can be upgraded, the speed is fine, doesn't need to be any faster. Only thing I really miss is the Hi-Res screen. That would make it much more competent as a PDA. Oh well, if I were you I'd say go for it! It's awesome.
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    Get it in a heart beat. I had a Kyocera 7135 and got a Treo 600 about two weeks ago. I had the same reservations as you about buying now when something new is (always) just around the corner. All I can say is I couldn't be happier that I did it. I'm getting at least $20 bucks of pleasure a day not having to use the 7135.
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    I just gave it all up of my Tungsten T3 and a BT phone after 10 months of resitence, two weeks ago I finally went ahead bought my Treo 600 and I am so sorry that I didn't upgrade my Treo 270 ten months ago when it just came out. You would be happier with T600 then your Kyocera.
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    You guys are great. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that so many of you were precisely in my boat. I think I'll have to do it...
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    Just ordered it from Verizon. Will report back when it arrives and I play with it a while...thanks to all for your encouragement and support...hope its the right decision (I think it is).
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    Got it. Love it! Very happy. Works great! I was on another list and saw someone say that they originally had a Kyocera 7135 (like me), then traded it for a Treo 600, then after they got the Treo decided they liked the 7135 better! I couldn't believe it. The Treo is WAY better than the Kyocera in every respect!
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    I'm in the same boat except I don't even have a Cell/PDA combp. I do have a HP IPAQ 4150 which I love as a PDA. I'm just tired of carrying 2 devices. I'm in outside sales and it just seems that life would be a lot easier to keep up with only one device.Should I wait or should I go ahead and get the 600?
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    I am VERY happy I made the switch now. I have had it only a few days, really, but in terms of enjoyment it is terrific. It is absolutely one of the best tech decisions I ever made. This is a terrific product. I have owned numerous phones and PDA's and this is the best. Not sorry I didn't wait at all - and neither will you be!!
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    I feel lucky my Verizon NE2 doesn't come up for another 7 months because I would be anxious to get the 600.
    I'll wait (as hard as it is) and see if the Ace does come out and if so, will VW carry it. If the 600 does well for VW, they'll carry the Ace too.
    For me, it's all about the hi-rez screen. I have a Tungsten C and will never buy a device without one.
    I hope my patience will be rewarded.
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    treo 600 is the best. I wouldn't trade it for any ms smartphone on the market.

    unless I absolutely needed a treo right now and didn't have one, I would wait for the treo ace. its right around the corner at this point.

    oct I believe may be a possible release date - nov is also a possibility, but if you've made it this far, try holding on a few more months. why?

    1) 312 mhz processor
    2) 1.3 megapixel cam with zoom
    3) updated browser
    4) bluetooth
    5) 320 x 320 res screen - will be gorgeous!!! seriously!
    6) updated keyboard options.

    these are very nice features. worth the wait. however if you need a smartphone RIGHT NOW, by no means will you be disappointed with the treo 600. its a fantastic phone.
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    Just got off the phone with a Sprint rep who told me that they would be launching a Treo 650 in October. Wondering where you found the 'specs' for this phone. Is there a website somewhere?

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