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    Hi, does anyone have a solution for looking up real time traffic for LA area? I use on my PC, and until recently, I used to use TANN website while driving. Now I can't access that site on my Treo. Anyone with an alternate site? Thanks!
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    ATLANTA traffic site anyone?
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    New York Tri State anyone
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    Depending on your market, might be helpful (not great on a mobile site though).
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    In LA area on ATT network.
    I've got the website up right now on Treo 600:
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    Thanks for the TANN site, chakla! It's different web address than what I used to use, and it's even better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by darnell
    Thanks for the site info! Will use it on my drive to and from my home in Tucker to my job in Alpharetta.
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    I use Sigalert
    Once you sign up (Free trial & but it's $20 a year) you get to set up SMS and/or email alerts for traffic speeds and accidents. Also it gives you a customized WAP url so you can check the freeway speeds and accidents in real time (I use this most.)
    I love it. Although aside from having signed up, there is no mobile style URL you can use to just check traffic (as a non-subscriber.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jerzydiver
    New York Tri State anyone
    I'd be it PDA friendly?
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    here's another request for a tri-state traffic report pda application.

    frequent nj parkway / I-287 commuter - would buy immediately if alternate routes from traffic-jammed roadways could be provided!

    this would be a killer treo app for new york and new jersey commuters!

    any available?
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    Interesting threads on the traffic info on the treo. I started with Traffic Gauge but find the service cost too much and inaccurate on many freeways.

    Any comments on Treo's traffic service? For the life of me, I can't even find 105 on their traffic map. Also, I find the maps to be too busy to do quick glances. Maybe SMS is the only way to go with Treo.

    Looking for better ideas...

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