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    Hi Everyone,
    Just got a Treo 600 and am thinking about the available data plans and their costs.
    Realistically, with moderate use how much bandwidth get's used up per month? I know, it's a highly variable answer but I am looking to get an idea.
    Some plans have 2MB, then 10, then 20 then unlimited. I am wondering if on an average month checking email a couple times a day, checking the weather and maybe news headlines would I be going into the high MB usage area or could I stick with a less costly plan?

    My voice plan does not seem to give any free SMS or MMS services so I would be looking to use the internet to check weather forecasts and save on those per use charges on the voice plan.

    I am completely new to interent services via phone and really have no idea how much is enough.
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    You need TONSof MBs even for moderate use. If you can be controlled why don't you try unlimited for 1 month or 2 then changing your MB plan for subsequent months.
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    my vote - 'unlimited' - ,
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    unlimited is the only way to go.
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    Even on a conservative level, your first month, you'll easily average 1 megabyte a day. Go unlimited first.

    I know somewhere here in Treo Central, someone posted codes that will tell you on your Treo, how much Megabytes of data you've used up on your device. Use that code after a month or so to see where you stand and decide if you should downgrade.

    There are also 3rd party apps that track your data usage as well since the Treo doesn't have a good built in data usage app.

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    No, no, no....given the usage you stated i.e., just checking email, weather and headlines you DON'T need the unlimited. I have 4MBs and never go over it with Treo friendly sites.
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    Use the program Traffic Stat to monitor usage as well as your providers website.
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    I have an unlimited plan from T-Mobile and last time I looked at my bill I have used 170 MB in a month! Shocking.

    Go unlimited for a month or two, explore and enjoy yourself, then look at your bill and see if you really need it.
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    wow Silverado, you must not have a home PC! Maybe the nite owl should start low and then move up, assuming your provider allows "upward" changes to your plan, they will not allow you to decrease the amount of $ you shell out per month.
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    I am starting to think I should start with unlimited and see how it goes as the overwhelming majority seem to think. I will certainly keep finding new ways to spend time online with the Treo so...

    I seriously have to consider if I am going to return this device to AT&T though. In my house I just do not seem to get a connection most of the time and when I do get service it only lasts a few minutes and fades again.
    You can sit there and listen to it beep every couple minutes and it first gains then loses signal.
    I may have to go back to Verizon and get the CDMA version rather than GSM.
    I hear their internet is a bit faster anyway???

    Have to compare prices. The one drawback is my wife and I switched together on a shared plan and although she has no connect at home either, she has better connection all the way to work and AT work where she did not have it with Verizon. *Sigh*
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    I wouldn't keep it if you don't get a good connection in your home. Switch to Sprint or Verizon then.
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    At home, you may find your cell phone unusable. But you can always forward your cell phone calls to your home phone line so u don't miss calls. I think the application 'Fast Forward' does it for you. Still doesn't fix you not having data access via Treo. Just an idea.

    I had a friend who had a 'bad connection' at home in Dallas with AT&T wireless. Her phone was the old Nokia 8260 I believe. When she bought her new Nokia 6820 phone, it was a world of difference. She had a great signal at home. So sometimes it's just the phone.
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    You don't neł
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttrundle
    Use the program Traffic Stat to monitor usage as well as your providers website.
    Where can I find Traffic Stat? Is it free?
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    Quote Originally Posted by silverado
    I have an unlimited plan from T-Mobile and last time I looked at my bill I have used 170 MB in a month! Shocking.

    Go unlimited for a month or two, explore and enjoy yourself, then look at your bill and see if you really need it.

    I too have the unlimited plan on Tmo. First month: 131 MB. Second month: 196 MB!

    I could hardly believe that my usuage was so high. Granted, I do have a Goodlink push email setup, so I'm sure that accounts for a large percentage of the total amount.

    In any event, I just can't fathom a 5 MB or similar data plan.
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    Don't stream with PTunes on a limited plan. You can burn thru ~ 150k in minute. During the work week I listen 5-6 hours a day on PTunes. Thats about 55mb a day. (assuming my math is right it was wrong the first time)
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    That is a tough one. I'm thinking on getting AT&T becaue I will be getting some company discounts and I planned on getting the 8MB data plan
    for $19.99 since the 10MB is $29.99.

    I know on my first month I'm going go crazy about it and I might exceed those 10MB. However, on an average week I should mostly use it on the weekend more than on the weekday. Afterall, I have a computer at home and at work. I see no real point in using the data MB from M to F.
    so like 1 MB per day on weekends only.

    I have to think about it more. Otherwise, T-moble sounds much better.

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    I went with unlimited data and minimum voice at first. But after a few days, I realized I would need BOTH unlimited. I'm with AT&T and they don't offer unlimited voice, so I settled for 700 any min/voice and unlimited data. Works to about $100 a month, but my useage justifies it. If you use AT&T and don't talk much, you can save 20 bucks a month or so on the voice part (under 45 min). Do get unlimited or as much data as possible. If you wake up at night with a bright idea to search the net, you're gonna reach for your Treo rather than go to your computer room
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    If you don't want to get the surprise bill for excess usage, go with unlimited data. I started with 10Meg but once you add all the other web software stuff, email and TreoCentral, forget it, you will blow your limits.

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