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    The first pic seems to show the OEM charger that comes with the Treo

    The second pic shows what looks like a Motorola-type charger (similar to the one I had for my v60). I've never seen this for the Treo though.

    I'm assuming both have the same functionality - just charging (at the same rate).

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    Yeah, that's the only visual difference I see as well.

    But Dan's Cellular (ebay) calls the first "OEM U.S. Travel Charger" and charges $6.99 (+ shipping) and the second a "OEM A/C_Travel Charger+" for $12.99 + shipping.

    I'm wondering if there is a difference in the charging rate, or if the prongs just fold down on the more expensive one (like the Motorola charger).
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    Looks like the second is the same one in the TreoCentral store

    # 100-240 voltsóworks with most international voltages
    # 5 ft. cord
    # Charger plug folds down for easy packing
    # Perfect for home, office or traveling
    I assume the charger that comes with the Treo is only 120 volts.

    I don't do much international travel, and the second one apparently doesn't come with the necessary adapters anyways, so the additional cost probably isn't worth it to me.

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