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    I'm thinking that what is assigned to the hard buttons shows the most important/used programs for each user. What is assigned to your hard buttons? Mine are as follows:

    Button 1: Regular: Takephone.
    Option +: Calculator
    Long press: Phone app

    Button 2: Regular: 2day
    Option +: Soundrec
    Long press: Bob's alarm
    Multiple presses: cycles between 2day and datebk5

    Button 3: Regular: Snappermail
    Option +: SMS
    Long press: checks new mail with Snappermail

    Button 4: Regular: Daynotez
    Option +: Keyguard lock (I think this is the only choice here)
    Long press: Bugme!

    I wish I had more hard buttons.
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    I use a combination of FlexButton, SmartLauncher, and Bob's Popup Launch.

    Phone button:
    -press: Phone
    -long press: SoundRec
    -longer press: empty for now
    -Opt+: FlexMenu1 (to launch various DA's by pressing another button)

    Calendar button:
    -press: SmartLauncher, then I can launch HandyShopper, SnapperMail, Pictures, Datebk5, Bob's Alarm, QuikBudget etc. by pressing another button. Basically I can double tap the Calendar button to launch SnapperMail, or tap Calendar then 5way down to launch Datebk5.
    -long press: SMS
    -longer press: empty for now
    -Opt+: popup calculator

    SMS button:
    -press: Pocket-Tunes
    -long press: psMemo
    -longer press: Documents-2-Go
    -Opt+: daMemoPad (a popup memopad)

    Power button:
    -press: power
    -long press: popup clock with Bob's Popup Launch
    -Opt+: command menu bar (one of the cool things FlexButton can do here)

    As you can see there is room for growth. The only reaon I use SmartLauncher instead of FlexButton on the Calendar button is because I can use Up and Down as a second button (soon to be Left and Right also). I launch all DA's from Opt+ because that is the one button combination that does NOT work when the device is off, and I usually only need them with its already on. One aspect of this setup is hiding sensitive apps such as SMS from people that play with my phone because they require that the button be held down. Hopefully they wont try that
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    Button 1: Phone
    Option +: Web

    Button 2: Today
    Option +: Calendar (Cycles bewteen Single Day and Monthly)

    Button 3: Mail
    Option +: SMS

    Button 4: Power
    Option +: Keyguard lock (I think this is the only choice here)

    Pretty simple really. I use the launcher in Today to give me 5 more buttons.
    They are Wireless Sync,Docs to Go,Contacts,To Do List,Calc
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    I use SlowLaunch for a 3rd long press option on each button

    Button 1) Graffitti on/off
    Opt: Lightwav
    Long: phone
    Button 2) Datebk
    Opt: Prefs
    Long: Contacts
    Button 3) Slap
    Opt: Avantgo
    Long: Snapper
    Button 4) PocketTunes
    Opt: Keyguard (I hate that I can't change this)
    Long: pickem
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    I use quick launch

    Button 1: Regular: 2Phone (each press loops thru each OE phone menu, including Takephone)
    Option +: SMS
    Hold for 1 second: Sound Record
    Hold for 1.5:City Time
    Hold for 2 seconds:Toggle IR beam off and on
    While in the Phone app, holding the button will beam my bussiness card

    Button 2: Regular: 2DAY, second press is OE Calnedar app
    Hold for 1 second:
    Hold for 1.5:
    Hold for 2 seconds:

    Button 3: Regular: Memo Pad
    Option +:Snappermail
    Hold for 1 secondoc to Go
    Hold for 1.5:Kar Kare
    Hold for 2 seconds: FileZ

    Button 4: Regular: Blazer
    Hold for 1 second: Prefs app
    Hold for 1.5:Option of manual soft rest
    Hold for 2 seconds: Power off and lock

    Option+Power: Palmary Clock
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    buttun 1: first push pocket tunes console. second push: phone app. with option blazer.
    button 2: agendus. with option: doc 2 go.
    button 3: snapper. with option plucker.
    button 4: on/off. with option KG, long hold: clock pop up.

    menu brings up mcphling.
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    button 1: Phone; option = SoundRec
    button 2: Calendar; option = MovieRec
    button 3: Verichat; option = MobiPocket (i do a lot of ebook reading)
    button 4: on/off; option = KeyGuard

    After reading this thread I think I have button envy; but I'm used to hitting button 1 then holding down keys to use the built in quick keys to get to WebPro, SnapperMail, FileZ, etc.
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    I tried four launchers, purchased two and use one (CoLauncher). I tried reassignment of keys and sometimes was happy and other times not. So, the phone key is TakePhone, the alt/phone is Chatter. The datebook key is CoLaunch and the alt/datebook is Datebook 5. The mail key is HanDBase and the alt/datebook is SnapperMail. Colauncher takes care of the rest. I got bored changing the keys as needed. Ben
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    I am a new palm/treo user and didn't even know about that long press option for hard buttons. Is this a part of the palm launcher or can you only do this with a replacement launcher? Any info would be great. Thanks.
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    b1: phone
    o+b2: sms

    b2: polynote
    o+b2: sandman

    b3: camera
    o+b3: ptunes

    b4: off
    o+b4: keyguard
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    button 1: phone
    +option: web

    button 2: pocket tunes
    +option: calc

    button 3: pocket money
    +option: memo pad

    button 4: power

    pretty simple
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    Hmmm, am I the only one who's left them at default? I put all my custom things in favorites.
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    thought it might be relevant to point you over to where they've got an app called 1button+ (i think) which allows 9! apps to each hard button. I'm trying it, not sure whether I like it or not yet.
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    I use Bob's PopLaunch which allows the hard buttons to be assigned to other apps if held down for a few seconds. I hate using the option key to get to second functions.

    Button 1
    Press Once: Phone
    Hold 1 sec: Pocket Tunes
    Hold 2 sec: Blazer

    Button 2
    Press Once: Calendar
    Hold 1 sec: Memo Pad
    Hold 2 sec: To Do List

    Button 3
    Press Once: SMS
    Hold 1 sec: SnapperMail
    Hold 2 sec: VeriChat

    Button 4
    Press Once: Power
    Hold 1 sec: Pickem
    Hold 2 sec: Splash ID
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    Where can I find Bob's poplaunch?
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    is there a way so that when you press the blazer hard button a second time you'll goto the book marks (like in the treo 180/270/300). Thanks guys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mjm718
    Where can I find Bob's poplaunch?
    It can be found here:
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    Thanks, I'm all set.
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    I am also at default.
    I use favorites to death.
    M for memo
    S for sms
    P picture

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigredgpk
    is there a way so that when you press the blazer hard button a second time you'll goto the book marks (like in the treo 180/270/300). Thanks guys.
    Check out an app called Treo Shortcuts. Haven't tried it myself, so I don't know how well it works (it sounds like it should be simple enough though).
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