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    wow - I had no idea there was so much functionality available to these things!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kayden75
    I use SlowLaunch for a 3rd long press option on each button

    Button 1) Graffitti on/off
    Opt: Lightwav
    Long: phone
    Button 2) Datebk
    Opt: Prefs
    Long: Contacts
    Button 3) Slap
    Opt: Avantgo
    Long: Snapper
    Button 4) PocketTunes
    Opt: Keyguard (I hate that I can't change this)
    Long: pickem
    you say you are using slow launch how you get this to work it does not work with palm os 5
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    Button 1) Phone, Internet, Contacts, Alerts, CallShield, Soundrec, Technician, Treohelper.
    Opt: Internet
    Long: Phone
    Button 2) Calendar, Big Clock, City Time, Sun Compass
    Opt: BigClock
    Long: None yet
    Button 3) Messaging, e-mail, verichat, calc, Microquad
    Opt: E-mail
    Long: Messaging
    Button 4) Power Off, Uninstall, Butler, Camera, MovieRec, Prefs
    Opt: Keyguard
    Long: PowerOff.

    Yes, I know there's duplication, but I haven't worked it all out yet. Only just got used to the idea that I could have more than one thing on each button
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    Button 1: Phone
    +option: Web
    Hold: Klondike
    Long Hold: Backgammon

    Button 2: Calendar
    +option: To Do
    Hold: Memo
    Long Hold: Bonsai

    Button3: mmail
    +option: SMS
    Hold: BibleReader
    Long Hold: AvantGo

    Button4: Bob's Alarm
    +option: lock
    Hold: PTunes
    Long Hold: City Time.

    Use Bob's Pop-up to enable the hold/long hold

    I do love this phone!

    (If only the phone part would stop turning off)
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