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    I bought my TREO March 2003 and it apparently came with version 3.002 of DataViz DTG (Thanks TrackerDog!). When I go to to upgrade I get that the version I registered is 6.003. When I click re-download software I get a message that says "No Download Available". When I go to support I get a message that says "No Email support available for this version" and "No telephone support available for this version". Seems like I'm stuck. Doesn't make any sense to me though. Is there way around this? How to I upgrade my registered version of this product? Any help is VERY appreciated! Thanks.
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    Sorry, should have put this in another forum. My bad. Dont bash too hard.
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    Many software developers do not offer free upgrades to their software. Especially if the upgrade is a major one.

    This is even more the case with software which comes pre-installed on devices.
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    If it came on your device then you have Docs to Go viewer (which most Treo came with along with the Splash suite).
    If you go to Datviz website there's a place that you have to go for an upgrade at a special price if you are a registered it's not free just cheaper.

    Welcome palmOne Treo 600 User!
    Documents To Go Viewer Edition
    is included FREE with your new palmOne Treo 600
    Documents To Go Viewer Edition allows you to view native Word and Excel attachments directly from the Mail application on your Treo 600.
    click here
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    Thanks for the reply guys. I guess its just a little frustrating that all the other apps that came with my phone are mine (ei: they are upgradeable) but this one seems to be a bit of a tease. They "gave" me version 3.002, when I registered it the system says I registered version 6.003 but it won't let me get the version I apparently registered. Just seems wierd. If I own the viewer, I should be able to upgrade the viewer without being forced to buy an upgrade. Then, its not a gift, its a trial.
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    DataViz in general is very frustrating. I got Total Office and just nothing seems to work on the Treo600. I have few complaints with smartlist, more with BeyondContacts but the *current state of Docs to go is a real shame*. And when one is asking for support they treat you as total ***** and are just wasting your time. The thing is that the other available office software is even worse.
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    I agree with you a hundred percent...
    And the worse yet is that their applications are very expensive.
    Yet neither does what they claim it does without causing some sort of havoc first on the Treo600.
    I've tried Beyond Contact, Docs To Go, Inbox To Go and all either crashed my Treo or caused some confussion to my desktop.

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