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    Because of my long commute, I am a "Books on Tape"/audiobook addict. Audible ( is a service that sells audiobooks that are converted into proprietary digital files that can be downloaded to your Palm-based handheld. They claim they are compatible with the Treo600, but I've never been able to get their application to work. Is there anyone out there who uses Audible on a Treo 600 successfully?
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    I use it every day. It's probably the most used application on my Treo.
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    I keep getting "communication errors" which will not allow Audible Manager (the PC software) to communicate with the Treo600. I've talked to 5 times, used their online help, etc. My Treo has been traded out 3 times for various hardware related issues, so it can't be a hardware problem. I am also up to date on Sprint firmware updates. Any suggestions?
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    I have gotten a few communication errors (<5 in 6 months) that were usually resolved by either just waiting a few minutes, restarting my computer or changing the transfer location and then changing back (for example, go from card reader to storage card back to card reader). Not a very technical response, sorry but it might help.
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    Thanks for your quick replies. I've done all those things, rebooted, soft resetted, downloaded to a different PC, re-download audible software, but never got it to work. The Audible techs spent hours trying to get it to work, but have come up clueless. What carrier are you on? I'm on Sprint.
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    I'm much like Laurie - in that Audible is the "killer app' for my Treo. My suggestion is to only connect the T600 to your computer when you activate your device. For transferring all content, use an SD card reader. Communication errors were pretty common until I started using the card reader exclusively.

    I recently had my T600 replaced & it wouldn't communicate with the Audible Manager software after restoring my backup. Surprisingly, removing all traces of the software from the T600 & my computer - following by a fresh install of both made it work perfectly.

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    I had problems trying to send the books to the sd card while in my treo, but once i hooked up my card reader, it worked great.
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    I've been using Audible almost daily for a month. No problems yet...
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    Quote Originally Posted by chucka
    I had problems trying to send the books to the sd card while in my treo, but once i hooked up my card reader, it worked great.
    I also use a card reader
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    I use the card reader as well. If you have one just plug it in, look in my computer to see what drive letter your card reader is assigned to. In the lower right section of Audible Manager where it says "Audible Programs on Treo Smartphone" select card reader and chose the drive letter assigned to your card reader.

    When I go to the website (using ie, doesn't seem to work with firefox) and click on the "Get it now" button my books are downloaded straight to my SD card. It works great.

    If you don't want to use or don't have a card reader you can try Card Export II.

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