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    If you delete a program on the Treo 600, some files (data and other files remain). How do you get rid of these files making sure you are not screwing up another program? How do you know that the remaining files were attached to the program you got rid of. I've used FileZ and it tells you what the files are but how do you know what program the files are associated with?
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    Suggest you copy them first to SD card before deleting them.
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    you could just do a hard reset and hen go through your back up folder and just delect the apps you dont want and then hotsync
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    I just went through this - purchase Uninstall Manager, back up your files, do a hard reset, install Uninstall Manager and re-install your applications one by one.

    Remember to have all your registration codes handy, and some codes are specific to the version of s/w (Pocket Tunes for example). A search of this forum will tell you more, be sure to install Uninstall Manager first so it can all your applications. I didn't keep exact track, but I'm sure I recovered several Mb of space.
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    Would like to buy this
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    Thanks! Did you get the Neat Freak package?

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