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    Idk if anyone has seen this. Sounds pretty damn cool. Here's a quick quote from


    Lose The Laptop -- Sneak Preview Edition is now available. In this new book, consumer electronics expert Larry Becker takes on the emerging trend of replacing a laptop with a smartphone or handheld.

    This book covers devices running the Palm OS. However, Pocket PC and Blackberry versions of Lose The Laptop are both planned for the near future.

    According to Mr. Becker, almost anyone who uses a computer already knows the laundry list of drawbacks associated with carrying a laptop. Besides the obvious size and weight challenges, there are also the less obvious ways in which a PDA or smartphone proves to be a better laptop alternative. Things like battery life, compatibility, and a less expensive software selection tip the scales in favor of the smaller solution. Still, the general perception is that smartphones and PDAs are too underpowered to handle a true road warrior's needs.

    "Based on the way most people use their laptops, PDAs could fully replace them and save corporate America millions of dollars annually," said Mr. Becker. "It's just that most users don't understand how capable PDAs are, and no one is leading the 'PDA instead of a laptop' campaign. That's what my new book is all about."

    Mr. Becker tackles his assertion with a comprehensive list of PDA/smartphone solutions and explanations.

    Lose The Laptop Lose The Laptop is available as an electronic book in eReader/PalmReader format or as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file at its official web site. The PDF can be printed or read from a computer while the eReader file can be read using this free ebook reader on any PC, Mac, Palm OS handheld, or Pocket PC.

    Reduced from the $19.95 list price, the Sneak Preview Edition is only $9.98 and will be available for a limited time. The first 250 buyers who return to and complete a survey about the book are entitled to a free copy of Mr. Becker's 2003 book The Palm Business Book in eReader format (a $29.95 value) plus a free copy of the final edition of Lose The Laptop. Essentially, the first 250 buyers of the book who complete the survey get $49.93 worth of ebooks for $9.98.


    has anyone read this book?
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    Great book. Filled out the survey, but the click and send button wouldn't work. Frustrating. I had to use another Lose the Laptop "contact us" page to send the survey/review.
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    How long did it take you to get the book after ordering? (I requested the PDF)
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    I used the Paypal thing for "Lose your Laptop."

    After I filled out the survey the second time (I guess I had too much text and feedback for the first time) and clicked on the send button, the site immediately took me to a "Thank you" Page with the download file and password for the Palm Business Book. I got the eBook file as well.

    This is my first time using the eBook reader and am quite impressed with it. You can actually highlight text with the thing (and so many other features), whereas with PDF it's just a read only file (at least to my knowledge.)
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    I sent my comments in. Overall, I was disappointed. The book would be good for beginners in the Palm/Handheld device world. I guess I've been in it long enough that I know most of the stuff. There really wasn't anything in the book that I didn't know about before from reading this forum, or other Palm information sources on the web. I was hoping to learn to better utilize my Treo in the workplace, since my company rarely issues laptops to anyone who is not in upper management.
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    Thanks for that review. The book is then as I had expected.
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    Though I liked "Lose the Laptop," I tend to agree with the reviews in this thread. In a way, his book is like preaching to the choir.

    That said, I did a learn a few nuggets I never would have got otherwise. The other thing to realize is that the book is not finished yet, and is still going through some tweaks. If I read correctly, all eBooks have the capacity to be updated on a regular basis, unlike its paperback cousin.

    If we add more feedback along the lines of "This is what I want covered," there's a slim chance (call me an optimist!) that our comments will make for a better book. Heck, if we lucky enough, there's another slim chance we might be featured in the revised book--if our reviews are taken seriously. (That was my intention/purpose in my review at least) In my extended review, I let the author know that "losing the laptop" is a more an evolutionary thing and not revolutionary.

    I'm hoping his Palm Business book (eBook version) sheds more insight into using Palms more effectively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevMeister
    If we add more feedback along the lines of "This is what I want covered," there's a slim chance (call me an optimist!) that our comments will make for a better book.
    That's exactly what I did. Hopefully he'll take some of it to heart. We'll see.
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    i read this book. it's interesting. anyone want to trade?

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