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    I retreive my company email via Citrix Web Internet. Anyone know of any program that will allow me to access my email via VPN (that Citrix uses)?
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    This is a difficult one. You most likely will need the help of your IT department to have them install a client that will let you get in via a mobile device. I tried Movian and Mergic VPN, but with them you would need help from IT to get all the settings.

    The other option is something like VZW wireless sync, Sprint Business Connect- but you might have to keep your desktop on all the time to do this.
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    Thanks mdlissner. I have Sprint service and contacted them about business connect and I was told it would not work with VPN. I also contacted Megic and they said the following: "Sorry, it won't work with Citrix. Megic VPN is a VPN client which will allow your PDA to become a member of your network, just like a PC at work. To use it you need a PPTP VPN server at work. Citrix is a remote control product that connects to a server at your work that provides access to just applications on that server. It's works more like a remote monitor, keyboard and mouse. I'm not sure if any of the remote control products for the Palm OS are compatible with Citrix."

    I have no other ideas, so I guess I'm stuck. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

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    Get your IT dept to enable IMAP access on your e-mail server...then get VersaMail and access it through that. No VPN required.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo-mike
    Get your IT dept to enable IMAP access on your e-mail server...then get VersaMail and access it through that. No VPN required.
    Depends whether or not the email server is accessible outside of the firewall. If not, then you would need VPN. I can't access my corporate email from my laptop unless connected via VPN, so the same would go for your T600 if that's the case at your company.
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    you are correct...but with IMAP he could still use a palm VPN program and then get into the mail need for Citrix.
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    I'm just getting my 600 online for corp. e-mail. We're a small co. using Exchange 2003. I'm assuming the e-mail server is behind the firewall as I use VPN to get e-mail via my laptop at home. We enabled IMAP on server and installed snapper mail. Configured the snapper account for SMTP sends fine, but I could not receive.

    I installed Mergic? VPN and when I connect via VPN I can send and receive thru Snapper. So... does this sound right - if I have to use VPN so be it - i do it with the laptop. My question then would be is there a method to have Snapper (2.0 Enterprise) auto launch the VPN client (and then disconnect) when it polls the server?

    Hope this makes sense. I'm one of those "knows just enough to really screw things up" people.


    P.S. Getting greedy now but, how is e-mail server positioned in front of firewall? We're currently having an issue with our server as we can't hit OWA remotely. Could that be why I can't receive on Treo w/o VPN?
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    Typically you have a "different" server than your Exchange server running OWA...and then you put that server on the other side of the firewall. If OWA is inside your firewall then you would need VPN to access.

    A word of advice...for stuff like a few bucks for a few hours of an expert's time. Security issues with servers and e-mail are really important and lack of proper set up could lead to many pains for your company.

    I am not aware of any Snapper features that would launch your VPN before checking could e-mail them. I hear they are good at getting back to people.
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    Thanks. You're right - no need to open a can of worms. The VPN is not a big deal - I'll send the inquiry to snapper about launching the VPN client before it autodials for e-mail.

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