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    Howdy all. I was poking around (proabably not enough), but couldn't find any references to using the Treo600 as a cell-modem for a laptop. I just switched to Verizon today and the salesperson assured me (and they never lie) that it was possible with the Treo, but that I needed a 'connectivity kit' that they were currently out of stock on.


    Ed T.
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    PDA Net should do the trick for you.
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    Yep, PDANet is the way. And it's actually faster than regular dial-up, with no additional charges...
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    Thanks for the quick replies guys!!

    PDANet looks like it'll do the job...BUT, I have the Verizon 'wireless broadband' thing which allows for up to a 144kbps connection. I was hoping for a _fast_ wireless connection as I need to do work on this thing (remoting into desktops can be a real PITA even at DSL speeds). I know there are dedicated PCMCIA cards for this sort of thing (connecting to your wireless provider that is), but was told that the Treo would work just as well (and the PCMCIA card would require a separate account$$$). <10kbps doesn't sound acceptable at all.

    Am I just not understanding the dynamics of this or am I asking the impossible of the Treo (which I still love and will keep regardless)?

    Thanks a bunch,
    Ed T.
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    I keep hearing people say how the Treo Data is faster than Dial-Up but with mine it's not anywhere close.
    I installed PDANet last night and was playing with it, but I can't imagine actually using it often unless I was desperate. The ping times are atrocious. Something like 3 times or more what a dial up would give you.
    It wasn't uncommon at all for the laptop to take 3 minutes to load a page and I tried 3 different times to come to Treocentral but gave up because the front page was taking a lot longer than that to come up and just seemed to hang partway.

    So, am I alone or are people just excited to be able to do this with a phone and are somewhat blinded to how slow it really is?

    BTW, I'm on Sprint with unlimited Vision.

    I tried running that DSLreports speed test and it took like 10 minutes to run the test before it said that it had timed out.
    I ran some other speed test that said I was getting 40.8K

    But all the speed in the world is useless if your ping times suck.
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    I absolutely agree. I have used PDANet for Sprint with unlimited data for over 4 months and it is slower than molasses! When I 1st downloaded it, it seemed much faster. Internet access is excruciatingly slow. Amazingly, it seems to work much faster when retrieving messages from AOL.
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    Disheartening news to be sure. :-(
    I should be receiving my new Verizon Treo (to replace my AT&T Treo) later this week and I'll post the results.

    Ed T.
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    I am a GSM user with TMo, I do connect faster than dial up, plus I don't use my regular minutes.

    But I use Wireless Modem via serial connection, although not really recommendable since it is not vendor supported. I tried PDAnet, it works but slow for my W2K Toshiba 8xxx laptop.
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    I am using my Treo and PDA net on sprint and commonly get speeds of 110kbps down and about 50kbps up. I have tried using the sync cable that comes with the unit as well as the retractable cable, and both work equally well (obviously the retractable is much more convenient). One trick I've discovered is that a soft reset seems to work if you are noticing slow internet speeds.

    Good luck and happy mobile surfing!
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    PS, I actually bought a PCS connection card (Sprint), but found that it requires activation of a second line and seperate charges. A Sprint tech told me that the actual connection speeds are no different using a card or the treo, but the data transfer rate from the wireless connection to your computer may be quicker using the PCMCIA card than the Treo connected via USB. Hope that helps!
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    Thanks, I got the same news from Verizon. Apparently the PCMCIA card has its own ESN and the billing goes by ESN (you can't have two ESNs on the same #, etc..). I guess they expect us to believe they can't tell the difference between an ESN assigned to a PCMCIA card and a regular cellphone. What's even funnier is that you can't get the PCMCIA card without getting a voice line as well. :-)

    Anyway, thanks for the update. I received my Verizon Treo today and will be setting that up for some side-by-side comparisons with the AT&T Treo.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to the most accurate way to measure throughput up and down (aside from using DSLReports or such)?

    Ed T.
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    Okay, I loaded up PDANet and set up the Verizon Treo on it. Real quick and easy. So far I like. Cut off my wireless (802.11g) connection and connected via the Treo. WinXP claims 154kbps connection. Still looking pretty good. Loaded up MSIE and was quickly surfing the web. Even went to some new websites to make sure it wasn't using the cache. Not DSL, but definitely workable.
    Then I tried doing the speed tests using three different servers. All are telling me that I have a 14kbps up and 6kbps down speed. What's up with that? Okay, it's sub-dial-up, but the down speed is slower than the up speed! Couldn't even run the DSLReports Tweak test because it kept on timing out. The ping latency was 943.6ms!!

    Any ideas what I have to do here or do I need to contact Verizon?

    Ed T.
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    PDANet seems acceptable to me.

    Desktop 3Mb cable.
    Minimum Maximum Average
    Ping 52 58 55
    Ping 58 80 70

    Laptop PDANet and SPCS Vision
    Ping 377 443 399
    Ping 389 839 522

    Mobile speed test
    Speed Latency D/L time
    200K 55kb 19.19s 33.709s
    100k 80kb 2.67s 12.112s
    050k 21kb 2.02s 20.577s

    The PC is listed just to show a baseline, I could have achieved better results with it, messenger services etc being off. The laptop had no other know internet programs running. The times are absolutely tolerable for me. I had 2 bars of service throughout the test. If I had a dialup connection to compare it to I would. So if someone wants to let me use their gAyOL membership, or the like, please create me a screenname and I will post the results.

    Hope this helps.
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    Wow formating went out the door, after I clicked submint.

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