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    I can't believe that they didn't include an email app. That's 80% of the reason I bought the device. Which app do you guys recommend? Or am I missing something?
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    There should be a built in "Mail" application.

    Who is your service provider?
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    Sprint is my provider....Is "email app" what they really call that?
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    If you have Sprint you have two built in e-mail options.

    1. Business Connection (which has a fee.)

    2. "Mail" which is good for sending/receiving POP3 mail.

    Also, what software version is on your Treo? I beleive the original Sprint release did not have a built in e-mail application. If you don't have it you could either download it from the Palm One web site or upgrade to the latest software (which includes the installation of the mail app.)
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    After updating, an email app is now there in my list of apps. I guess I had an older version??? In any case, I am playing with it as well as the SnapperMail demo, which seems to be much more powerful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richeddy
    SnapperMail demo, which seems to be much more powerful.
    There is no doubt.
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    What's Snapper Mail do that the default mail doesn't?
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    well, for us Verizon users, there is no default mail app, so we must look for one, and snapper seems to be the best of the bunch (for my needs anyways- pop3)
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    P1 distributed the install file for the beta of the Mail app for Sprint users months ago. It's working fine on Verizon. Drop me a PM on if you need the file.

    Note that I won't respond to requests here on TC. It's difficult enough these days to keep track of IM, PM & multiple mail accounts so I prefer to use only one PM
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    Sure, I'll give it a shot.

    Does it have the option like snapper to disconnect after polling?
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    I have the Treo 600 (Verizon service) but can't get the e-mail function to work properly. It's slow and although I can read e-mail i can't send.
    Question: what is Pop3? and can I use snappermail even if i don't have a corporate account?


    Martin Chow
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    I found, through someone's help on one of these threads, an e-mail application that works for hotmail:
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    If you want push email and calendar, corporate contacts, personal contacts and access to desktop documents on your Treo 600, you should check out Sprint's Business Connection. At $5 per month it is a best value. You will need the $10 unlimited data pack (Vision) to use it though but that also gives you access to Web browsing, etc...

    If you have a Sprint account you can register for Business Connection at:

    If not, you can get more info at:

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