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    Just read and check it out:
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    The OQO has been vaporware for about two years now. Very cool idea, sure, but I'm not holding my breath that it will ever actually make it to market.

    As a side note, I've had a Tablet PC with a Transmeta processor for a long weekend a couple months back and was completely unimpressed with it. Neat technology, but slow, slow, slow.

    Looking at their store "Available Fall 2004", yeah, the last time I saw that was last October when it said "Available Spring 2004", and the first time I saw something about the OQO was sometime in 2002, when it said "Available Q3-2003"

    Their web page hasn't even changed in all that time.

    Now Sony's new U-70, on the other hand is available now (in Japan and in the US through some importers...) I am usually not a Sony fan, but this is pretty sweet.
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